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Feb 16 · 725
Julio Feb 16
Luz radiante y cálida
Sonrisa que me envolvía
Ausencia que duele.

Alma libre y sincera
Conquistó mis complejidades
Ya no está, solo el eco.

Risas y juegos compartidos
Momentos que atesoro
Vacío que me ahoga.

Recuerdos que me acompañan
Paseos bajo la luna
Despertar con aroma

Primer beso al  sol.
Naranjas que tiñen el cielo
Café con sabor a sueños

Su ausencia me llena de tristeza
Testigo que ya no está
Un mundo sin ella.
Nov 2021 · 178
Far Pavillions
Julio Nov 2021
The undefeated Sun has been denied us.
There is a cat on the terrace
looking at me,
does that count?

Today caranchos and chimangos
they disputed food,
like every day,
I admire that consistency.

Someone reminded me of Kosova,
the best and greatest friend,
grateful is little,

The sun rose in the east,
where I always wait for it,
but these days I watch where it goes,
to that West ,
where you are somewhere.
Nov 2021 · 154
Both Places
Julio Nov 2021
I don't know there ......
the morning is gray,
of cold breath,
of Sol erased.

I don't know there ......
silence prevails,
the roundness,
and a clean blue.

the leaves dazzle,
the water runs cold .....
but water!

And there?

I don't know there ....
here ,
I look East
my eternal horizon… ..
the vastness itself.

By Western mountains,
in incandescent white,
and wind.

the creatures enjoy the morning,
of running,
to fly,
to dare.


I don't know there .....
the day unfolds radiantly
and full of promises.

Today ,
are there glowing promises out there?
Nov 2020 · 196
Trust in warm
Julio Nov 2020
Leave your body in my arms
Let yourself feel the warm heat of me
Trust a hope without promises
My arms are an extension of my soul
And your body of mine
Jul 2020 · 157
Voices from another time
Julio Jul 2020
We who have lived almost everything
It is the memories that surround us
The hope in you
in your dreams and in your joyous strength

You must know
We have less certainty
Fewer dreams
Fewer doors to open

This is life

But in something we are alike
life is only worth living
as if we were eternal
until the end

Have a great trip
Apr 2020 · 107
Quarantine day # 22
Julio Apr 2020
In quarantine the glasses appear thicker
The furthest trees
muted sounds
Life slows down

I am losing the memory of hugs,
the softness of the skins,
the intensity of the looks
and the heat of the kisses

I'm like in a long dream
In which I go from hope to weariness
The leaves seem to sway to the beat of a music I do not hear.
Isolation makes me feel strange

And by the way the sky is clearer
Julio Mar 2020
Fate has put us here and now

In isolation and virtuality we die at least a little

We can hear, read  and see each other
But the skin and breath of the other have been lost
Hugs freeze in midair
The humidities are missed

This is the sacrifice
For what we love
For what we want to preserve
We must die for a while

Today loving is being alone
Mar 2020 · 103
A simple life
Julio Mar 2020
I've already lived, I think, most of my life
Time breaks down and disarms
Time is always short, slender.

And not by looking back,
I have to become salt.
Life is full of miracles and wonders

Even in the mud
In despair,
in the void
and the anguish

And for that I give thanks

Even near  the end
The moon is my friend
Dec 2019 · 136
Julio Dec 2019
If we bet the obvious
We Will lose
Dec 2019 · 111
Happy New Dreams
Julio Dec 2019
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams
and go for them.
Tonight I will   make a toast for a happy new year for you and your dreams!
Go for all your dreams!
Julio Dec 2019
What you do not give, you take it away.

Only a little sand fits in a closed hand,
and  open one let all the desert sand pass.

In autumn the forces regroup,
mutan, shut up .....
..... in spring they will be scream and scandal

To give you must be willing to receive.

That leaf is eternal ....... !.
Dec 2019 · 471
I´m a live bubble
Julio Dec 2019
I'm just a bubble of foam from a wave that breaks on the coast
Sep 2019 · 150
Love ways
Julio Sep 2019
Friend of the soul,
my brother.

Do you remember grandfather's attempts with the violin?
And grandma's cake?
You are good then ...

There are still things that give you goosebumps ...?
A word,
or a smile
or the white of a snowfall,

You weigh your affections
even above your appetites?
Are you loyal even though you shouldn't be?
Do you look at the moon every so often?

If so,
I have good news
very good news

You are still alive!
Sep 2019 · 169
Bloom soon!
Julio Sep 2019
here spring broke his back to winter
all awakening is coming
And Im glad for this
Aug 2019 · 289
Memento 1
Julio Aug 2019
Memories like drops in the sand
but  not lost
they come and go
today and always

The feeling of petals brushing my face
wrapped my body in your vibrant voice
the complicity of ours skins
and the delicious humidities

I remember that day
that moment
that you
today and always
Aug 2019 · 326
A morning in the rain
Julio Aug 2019
Our soaked faces
in a warm rain
The laughs, the jokes
our looks

Wet hugs
shiny skins
yearning bodies
on that morning

It was a great rain
of sparkling moments
our love  all around us..... was a great day

Life never stops
Aug 2019 · 148
Confession 5
Julio Aug 2019
I assume my sins
my life, my deads
what I have left
it's more than a groan

I broke promises
I killed some hopes
walking winding roads
not defeated

My soul is not captive
shouts ,
and sometimes he cries.

My love still survives

The winds of the West will bring me peace
Jul 2019 · 112
Stormy morning
Julio Jul 2019
The woman's hat was blown
she runs wobbly to reach it
The clouds pass quickly to the horizon
There are puddles on the pavement

It has not stopped raining
Nothing is left dry
the blue of the sky
and the sun's rays are missing

The woman definitely lost her hat
My memories are like these raindrops
and drain from my head
forming stories on the pavement
Jul 2019 · 109
Unbreakable nature
Julio Jul 2019
The laborious goldfinches
look for seeds under the snow
persistent creatures
they don't give up!

The neighbor's dog
sleep on the fallen leaves
above  eaglets hover in circles
alerts and proud

The cypress waves its branches
to the west wind
drawing riddles
on snow

Even in the white wasteland
life does not stop for anybody
Jul 2019 · 574
Gray and light Sunday
Julio Jul 2019
A cold and calm dawn,
with the silence that the snow gives.
Some bird songs are heard
leaving clear tracks on the crunchy ground

The sun doesn't even guess above.

The heat of your hand
rub my cold lips.
The words are crystal clear
when they are said.

Today I see you all
and it is not necessary to understand
listening your soul
on an empty day of words

Today our love is diaphanous and simple.
Jul 2019 · 235
Emptiness night
Julio Jul 2019
Without your voice and your whispers
nor your warmth
and your softness
This bed seems bigger

Without you
the night is broken
and meaningless
Tonight the stars turn to black
Jul 2019 · 85
Confession 3
Julio Jul 2019
Even with instructions for sinking.
He's given me more
than pains and sufferings

I just regret it.
that I've let go of.
those to whom I turned my back
that I allowed to leave without trying
Jul 2019 · 152
Beloved red
Julio Jul 2019
The one with the flowers
The one of my blood to sprout
The one with longing lips
That strange red of dawn
The red of hating
That red of love

I love this red
Jul 2019 · 121
Lesson 5
Julio Jul 2019
to give
you have to be willing to receive
even without the flower
Jul 2019 · 290
Lesson 4
Julio Jul 2019
there is no forgiveness
without redemption
despite the flower
Jul 2019 · 124
Lesson 3
Julio Jul 2019
perceives the flower as a flower
even in its absence
Jul 2019 · 96
Lesson 2
Julio Jul 2019
let's do it well
at list
just one time
Jul 2019 · 118
Lesson 1
Julio Jul 2019
Live first
Die after
Jul 2019 · 111
Cooking allways
Julio Jul 2019
I'm experimenting with curcuma
It´s tricky thing
know it
like the first moments of love
like life

all promise!

I like the Curcuma
I love cooking  a dangerous promise
Jul 2019 · 222
Time Square 5 pm
Julio Jul 2019
Storm of people

All gestures in endless bursts
between the rumor of hundreds of languages
and music!
In one single place

All hopes, dreams,
fustrations and pains,
walking fast
without looking at

Infinite destinies!

Experimental crucible
and you there perceiving everything
enjoying it all........
......not a simple Miracle
Jul 2019 · 211
Julio Jul 2019
A miracle of the earth
and the hands
under an unbeaten Sun
the wise wait
and the seasons

Meat and blood
of the land and Us
Jun 2019 · 111
Bottle 0004
Julio Jun 2019
You ask me if I'm happy.......
.....I answer you

You're a cool surprise breeze.

For you,
life kisses me on the mouth......
once again

By your eyes in my eyes
at night
I hope the morning doesn't come
Jun 2019 · 149
Bottle 0003
Julio Jun 2019
How do we survive pain?

forgetting it
accepting it
transforming it
forgiving them
forgiving us

Making pain a beginning
Jun 2019 · 99
Bottle 0002
Julio Jun 2019
I still feel the sounds of a love
warm and incomplete
Honest and deep
Bigger than myself.

Life gave me this gift
For my joy
even with pain
To learn in spite of my sadness.......
..... if I'm capable,
of my fullness

Life gives me everything
without waiting for an answer
Jun 2019 · 120
Bottle 0001
Julio Jun 2019
You do not have to live the moment as if it were the last
You have to live it just like it is
Irrepeatable and unique

Jun 2019 · 55
Julio Jun 2019
We've seen tomorrow
in the arms of our grandparents
and the shoulders of our fathers
Privilege brings responsibility......


Who are you lifting up to today?
Jun 2019 · 65
Julio Jun 2019
He has a special connection with horses
and they with him
It was magical and intimate
a mystery without words
The master of horses!

Queta was my uncle grandfather
At 12 I learned about the 21 's trisomy
Jun 2019 · 291
Julio Jun 2019
The Terran Odor of the poplar
The spicy aromas of pine and cypress
The deep mist of quebracho
The Splendid peppers
of the ñire
Fragrances of me fires
Jun 2019 · 124
People and Wine
Julio Jun 2019
People are like wines,
Or it is the reverse?

Uniques, unrepeatables.
Surprisings,  forcefuls,
capricious, forgettables,
rudes, youngs, matures .........

I like wine
I love people
Jun 2019 · 108
Julio Jun 2019
Brave hearts that bleed
Indomitable souls what they want break
Free  humans
Spirits who feel lonely

You are not alone.

We are above the dame sky
Julio Jun 2019
A spring afternoon in Vuelta de Oviglado ... never was the green of the leaves so green.

My sister telling me that she would be  mother.

The hot afternoon arriving to Molinos, drinking water and eating bread in the fountain of the square.

The tales of Cachimayo by the light of the embers.

Listen to Patricia's voice calling me to dinner.

The night of love and balconies under the stars with Ro.

In her last autumn ,  Kosova happily running through the snow.
Jun 2019 · 224
Both sides are one
Julio Jun 2019
Only in silence the word
Only in the darkness the light
Only in death does life
The flight of the falcon shines in an empty sky
May 2019 · 173
A confession
Julio May 2019
I know of someone who covered a balcony of roses for love
I know of some that burned ships in the sunrise in love
I have trusted and been betrayed
I have betrayed by not understanding

I have lived
right or wrong
I have believed and I still believe
I can still love .......
May 2019 · 162
the breeze of the heart
Julio May 2019
A secret to discover is closed in us
One treasure shines here cradles the heart but
It is hidden in the words and in the burning hands
In the sweetness of crying in the warm caresses

In the blue glow of the air a seagull
In the white sea of sonic foam
Curious lurks the pink candles
Looking for our treasure

The breeze plays like a gazelle
Over all white and Gold street
Curious peers at the window slit
The search for our treasure
Dolce Pontes E. Morricone
May 2019 · 125
Julio May 2019
Loves us who shares our rareties.
Who is our compilice and witness
Who accepts us as we are,
without understanding us.

Who enjoy our misteries.
Who knows about our dark sides
and lovingly illuminates them

Love us who knows that we are
under the same stars
Julio May 2019
Roaring walls of water and crazed foam
Stubborn gulls
A complete and eternal gray
sea bear bellows

Here life is rude
Here life gives us hope
May 2019 · 142
Fill in the blanks
Julio May 2019
I wonder if

Because i believe if

so  my spirit would be free
May 2019 · 97
Untitle 00001
Julio May 2019
we are all longing walkers of our dreams
May 2019 · 156
Red Hot Begining
Julio May 2019
Your red-hot smile
through the steam cafe
on a cold and quiet morning
its good start today
Julio May 2019
If the sheets were skins ....
and my body,
were those bodies,
I would haunt the bed, .......
looking, surprising, celebrating. ....

If those eyes that I know, ....
they would settle down here, ....
and they looked at me lying ...
seeing my being
If the breeze were your breath .....

I would not hear my breathing, ....
nor the crackle of the springs, ...
nor the music
ot the  dogs.

If someone else ... not anyone.

This book by my side would rest with the others .....
I would not be looking north ...
nor looking .....

I would not notice the time, ....
I would not notice the ****** of the Lenga .....
surely it would not open the windows ...
I would not be sitting or standing ...
he would not look at my hands.

If the heat I feel was not mine alone.
If the laughs.
and the bodies.
and the skins.
If you were here
the breeze would be your breath.
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