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Julio May 2019
At birth we only know that we will die

It's the only thing written
everything else is adventure
pain and joy

Let's all know how to live it
wirth hopeful
ever open

Let's be eternal while we live
Our lives are only written in the sand

Be free from life and death!
Julio Dec 2019
If we bet the obvious
We Will lose
Julio May 2019
I know of someone who covered a balcony of roses for love
I know of some that burned ships in the sunrise in love
I have trusted and been betrayed
I have betrayed by not understanding

I have lived
right or wrong
I have believed and I still believe
I can still love .......
Julio May 2019
Who knows when the twilight breaks?
Or the exact moment when the day begins?
Or why a perfume and not another?
What's in that look that calls me?

I know little and it's worth little.
Life keeps giving me questions
and I'm just a wasteland ...
only for minimal instants,
I saw the miracle blossom in me.

Of the pressing times,
and from the same backwaters,
of that delicate and ungraspable second,
I hang myself from all this.

Is it that we look at the moon because we are blind?

I know there is something more solid than the truth:
that can not be alone in me,
then withered,
and dies.

Words can deceive,
only music is diaphanous.
But the music does not want to leave us .....

Life keeps giving me questions.
Julio Aug 2019
Our soaked faces
in a warm rain
The laughs, the jokes
our looks

Wet hugs
shiny skins
yearning bodies
on that morning

It was a great rain
of sparkling moments
our love  all around us..... was a great day

Life never stops
Julio May 2019
Contemplate diversity
 It is sometimes astonishing.
Julio Mar 2020
I've already lived, I think, most of my life
Time breaks down and disarms
Time is always short, slender.

And not by looking back,
I have to become salt.
Life is full of miracles and wonders

Even in the mud
In despair,
in the void
and the anguish

And for that I give thanks

Even near  the end
The moon is my friend
Julio May 2019
There is the desert,
where the flower does not rest,
where the myth surrounds us,
and a hell that keeps us awake.

Life and death on the ground,
with huge cold stars,
Thousands of legendary paths
Uncertain place of hunting.

There ,
the earth dismisses its children,
we are all nomads.
Julio Apr 2019
She walks lightly
or rather go
from a distance she seems fragile
Her smile confuses us happily

Seeing the look, doubt grows,
just some glint of her eyes
give fractions of some certainty,
just for moments

At the time
you already know that height is not measured
that her hands are from the earth
that if the water demands her
she dives

She needs the Sun,
she is a being of the mornings
enjoy the aroma of dew
of those who nourish
of those that sprout and make sprout

She is tribal
the pain demands from her certainties
because the harmony slips from the soul
she is human, very human.

Now I see she
alone on the road,
fly to be light
dancing down the *****,
in the silence of the morning.
Julio May 2019
I am testing a cabernet franc
"Aguijón de abeja"
Seeing the stars
Bellow this spledorous Sky
In a warm night
Julio May 2019
Do you need to believe?

Believe in you first!

Do it in your affections
In that friendly look
That kind word
Believe in love and pain

They join us
they make us human .....
or more humans at least
Julio May 2019
I once thought I saw
which is written on a banana leaf

Maybe it was like that,
If not
I really like its flavor

Even if it does not say anything
or deserves to be read

And it's excellent with cream!
Julio Jul 2019
The one with the flowers
The one of my blood to sprout
The one with longing lips
That strange red of dawn
The red of hating
That red of love

I love this red
Julio Sep 2019
here spring broke his back to winter
all awakening is coming
And Im glad for this
Julio Nov 2021
I don't know there ......
the morning is gray,
of cold breath,
of Sol erased.

I don't know there ......
silence prevails,
the roundness,
and a clean blue.

the leaves dazzle,
the water runs cold .....
but water!

And there?

I don't know there ....
here ,
I look East
my eternal horizon… ..
the vastness itself.

By Western mountains,
in incandescent white,
and wind.

the creatures enjoy the morning,
of running,
to fly,
to dare.


I don't know there .....
the day unfolds radiantly
and full of promises.

Today ,
are there glowing promises out there?
Julio Jun 2019
Only in silence the word
Only in the darkness the light
Only in death does life
The flight of the falcon shines in an empty sky
Julio Jun 2019
You do not have to live the moment as if it were the last
You have to live it just like it is
Irrepeatable and unique

Julio Jun 2019
I still feel the sounds of a love
warm and incomplete
Honest and deep
Bigger than myself.

Life gave me this gift
For my joy
even with pain
To learn in spite of my sadness.......
..... if I'm capable,
of my fullness

Life gives me everything
without waiting for an answer
Julio Jun 2019
How do we survive pain?

forgetting it
accepting it
transforming it
forgiving them
forgiving us

Making pain a beginning
Julio Jun 2019
You ask me if I'm happy.......
.....I answer you

You're a cool surprise breeze.

For you,
life kisses me on the mouth......
once again

By your eyes in my eyes
at night
I hope the morning doesn't come
Julio Apr 2019
Caress your waist,
is to feel the wheat,

Is Like to look around the field,
see the swallows cut the air,
in invisible thrusts ...
under the sun.

Caress your waist is summer!

Feel the turgid seeds,
full of life.

Your sparkling waist!

It is feeling the warm tremor,
almost tremolo,
of you,
of your being.

Your waist in my hands .....
and the walls do not matter,
nor the streets,
nor the stairs.

I would fly with you ......
clinging to your waist

Today Chewing has become almost philosophical.
Julio Jan 2019
Perfums of the pink acacia,
a moon crowned with lips of fires.
the silent vision of some bodies,
in a flowery bridge.

intimate secrets,
breezes of aromas,
destiny  of time.

A good body does not age quickly,
everyone knows.

Song of the night to the light,
shine of eyes without light
howls of loneliness,
and only a small pain.

The memories spill,
sneak in the sand,
and for tomorrow........
no traces

And the raging winds will roar.

There is nothing more visible than what is not.
Julio Apr 2019
One can some things
, being isolated less.

Moisture stains tell me
I give them shapes,
I name them
Today are my clouds.

The first woman is there,
in the corner corner,
good-natured, teacher,

I see the tamarisks,
that hip
in the wind
our enjoyment

Suddenly and through my eyes,
everything is there,
  and I also.

... well maybe I'll get in there
Julio Jul 2019
Even with instructions for sinking.
He's given me more
than pains and sufferings

I just regret it.
that I've let go of.
those to whom I turned my back
that I allowed to leave without trying
Julio Aug 2019
I assume my sins
my life, my deads
what I have left
it's more than a groan

I broke promises
I killed some hopes
walking winding roads
not defeated

My soul is not captive
shouts ,
and sometimes he cries.

My love still survives

The winds of the West will bring me peace
Julio Jul 2019
I'm experimenting with curcuma
It´s tricky thing
know it
like the first moments of love
like life

all promise!

I like the Curcuma
I love cooking  a dangerous promise
Julio Jan 2019
The time is short,
and the eternal mysteries,
they will remain.

This is Earth,
dear deads,
and not another dream.

And here the moment,
to live it ...
just once.

as grain fall,
dust of time.

In my sadness,
in darkness,
all beings

¿Who will remake,
this body,
what is still throbbing?

I Know to double the pain ......
pervives childhood,
as a wounded tree.

Under the twilight,
we are strangers
A rarity

It rains hard,
and the night stretches ...
memories are drops.

The walls whisper,
voices from the past
that at night  laugh.

I'm deceived,
this is what I have:
empty hands

After the scars,
my heart beats,
and crave.

"You are not alone",
They say ...

But I know the truth.

Although I dance and laugh,
my soul bleeds ....

Take my hand!
Julio May 2019
The lights are shelled in this still night,
tomorrow is not written,
I still remember the heat of that skin,
and the light tremor that illuminated it.

Satin, silk,

And a dark almost black,
that cold nothing,
a dark Sun,
almost an eclipse.

The cooing of a voice,
the sound of a skin,
the light of a glance,
the breath of a being.

Ever play,
other times I dreamed,
with the warm sand on my feet,
and the view to the horizon.

I ever knew,
I once lost,
I have loved
and surely I will die.

There is a world out there,
and an infinity here,
of time I do not count,
that counts today for me.
Julio Jun 2019
Brave hearts that bleed
Indomitable souls what they want break
Free  humans
Spirits who feel lonely

You are not alone.

We are above the dame sky
Julio Jan 2019
Ema has eyes of full silence
that silently say it all
Look of gentle wolf
wolf herd mother

Warm eyes, flashes of the soul
Where you can guess pride
They overflow tenaciously,
of woman of the earth,
hands on earth

Ema's eyes

That tell still alive stories
With the softness of the iron edge
With the shine of fine steel

If one knows how to see,
see in the eyes of Ema.

Eyes that become gigantic in mine
Deep in the deep
Recognizing signs and traces
of Yesterday, of Today, of the future,
of the eternal.

Eyes of a wolf herd mother.
This is how Ema's eyes are.
Ema is a loving and brave mother of a huge farmer family who lives in the middle of the patagonian steppes.
A splendorous  and wise wooman like the earth and her eyes...........
Julio Jul 2019
Without your voice and your whispers
nor your warmth
and your softness
This bed seems bigger

Without you
the night is broken
and meaningless
Tonight the stars turn to black
Julio Jun 2019
We've seen tomorrow
in the arms of our grandparents
and the shoulders of our fathers
Privilege brings responsibility......


Who are you lifting up to today?
Julio Nov 2021
The undefeated Sun has been denied us.
There is a cat on the terrace
looking at me,
does that count?

Today caranchos and chimangos
they disputed food,
like every day,
I admire that consistency.

Someone reminded me of Kosova,
the best and greatest friend,
grateful is little,

The sun rose in the east,
where I always wait for it,
but these days I watch where it goes,
to that West ,
where you are somewhere.
Julio May 2019
I wonder if

Because i believe if

so  my spirit would be free
Julio Jun 2019
The Terran Odor of the poplar
The spicy aromas of pine and cypress
The deep mist of quebracho
The Splendid peppers
of the ñire
Fragrances of me fires
Julio Jul 2019
A cold and calm dawn,
with the silence that the snow gives.
Some bird songs are heard
leaving clear tracks on the crunchy ground

The sun doesn't even guess above.

The heat of your hand
rub my cold lips.
The words are crystal clear
when they are said.

Today I see you all
and it is not necessary to understand
listening your soul
on an empty day of words

Today our love is diaphanous and simple.
Julio May 2019
These children sing,
these children dance,
these children laugh.

Lights, milds, plastics.

The tide and the moon guide everything and everyone.
The vultures are repeated in eternal circles.
Everything is a continuous fluid,
from the same sea to the tip of my palms

Joy is breathed slowly.
Especially at night ...

Here peace seems possible
Julio May 2019
My house is warm
for me for and my people
It's home i guees
Julio May 2019
Archie is a dog
not mine, from the neighbor.

We love each other

I understand hin
Archie understand me too
What better love?

We are pretty quiet,
we always look in the eyes,
What better love?

And Archie trusts me.
I always trust  him as well
What better love?

Finding us is good,
Share moments of the day
What better love?

Tell you about him,
about Archie and our days
That is love too.
Julio Dec 2019
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams
and go for them.
Tonight I will   make a toast for a happy new year for you and your dreams!
Go for all your dreams!
Julio May 2019
I don't know there ......
but here,
the morning is of icicles,
of cold breath,
of a distant sun.

I don't konw there ......
Prima silence,
the white roundness,
and the blue clean.

the leaves dazzle,
the water runs dense .....
the ice melts.

And there?

There was not there ...
but here,
I look to the East,
my eternal horizon,
the white vastness.

the creatures enjoy the morning,
the crispy floor,
snort and dare.


I don't konw there ......
but here,
the day unfolds radiant
and full of promises.

Today ..........  any promises radiant there?
Julio May 2019
If the sheets were skins ....
and my body,
were those bodies,
I would haunt the bed, .......
looking, surprising, celebrating. ....

If those eyes that I know, ....
they would settle down here, ....
and they looked at me lying ...
seeing my being
If the breeze were your breath .....

I would not hear my breathing, ....
nor the crackle of the springs, ...
nor the music
ot the  dogs.

If someone else ... not anyone.

This book by my side would rest with the others .....
I would not be looking north ...
nor looking .....

I would not notice the time, ....
I would not notice the ****** of the Lenga .....
surely it would not open the windows ...
I would not be sitting or standing ...
he would not look at my hands.

If the heat I feel was not mine alone.
If the laughs.
and the bodies.
and the skins.
If you were here
the breeze would be your breath.
Julio Dec 2019
I'm just a bubble of foam from a wave that breaks on the coast
Julio May 2019
I have stolen more than once
and agonistic wishes.

I fired my memories many times,
I have refused to take some roads.
I have spent the night with death,
and I have awakened alive and sane.

I went out at an age that most still do not even accept to enter.

I have traveled roads at night,
of which others do not dare to speak,
no drunkards,
or in the light of day.

I've talked a lot,
loved women,
I have written some words and
listened many songs.

My name is Julio........
Maybe you have heard about me ........
Julio Jan 2019
Tightening the eyelids,
I will play,
waiting for them to knock on the door ...

Remembering: queens never make deals.

I've heard it in the songs,
but do not judge me for that.

When you are in danger,
do not sink your head in the sand.

The desert listens,
and one day,
it will be a cry

We die
in the midst of wonders.

Let's sit on the floor,
and tell us stories.
This man can say ....
what bubbles in your heart.

I walk alone,
under the moon,
listening to the language of the earth.
powerful is the sound.

What is urgent inside me,
that almost made me worthy,
not for being, for knowing.

I have traveled,
I have been a pilgrim,
and I did not faint,
I'm still standing.

Maybe sometime,
you feel your soul reborn.
I just hope I can know it.

And remember:
The queens never comply a deal.
Julio Apr 2019
The day shines
In the eyes of love
As a deep lake.
Julio Apr 2019
In the horizons of life,
life oozes,
and hot.

Even in death the Sun shines,
As never before,
As usual,
How it should be.

The girl with the hat looks at me,

As it happens,
How did I go?

We are looking for carousels,
We look for walls,
We search,
Something that lets us stay.

The peace of the night is disturbed,
the day,
the days,
they fall off and fall.

The mists play with memories,
my eyes are troubled,
the muscle tenses up ......

We are alive!!

I see in the distance,
I cross it,
and long

I'm still here,
and it's not a miracle,
just stubbornness,
and ignorance.

I celebrate
and I give thanks.
Julio Apr 2019
A being so silent,
his life,
Absorbed from his own life.

It weaves wonders,
that will shake,
that dazzled.

Pure skin

The hand, the fingers,
they just rub,
the faithful texture,
warm and alive

The silk of your ***,
the warmth of your neck,
your body......

Magnificent fabric
True fabric.
As a kiss promised.

Pure silk.
Julio May 2019
Loves us who shares our rareties.
Who is our compilice and witness
Who accepts us as we are,
without understanding us.

Who enjoy our misteries.
Who knows about our dark sides
and lovingly illuminates them

Love us who knows that we are
under the same stars
Julio Jul 2019
Live first
Die after
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