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May 2019 · 155
Rukhshona B May 2019
I put on a cute girls face.
I cut my hair to get to make you see my taste.
I want your attention so badly,
That I will deadly regret my changes.
My friends tell me be yourself.
I yell at them each time "It is not working!"
Drop by Drop
I topped all the girls,
still no change;I did not get his attention.
Then I went home crying
I said trying is useless!!!
Looking at the mirror I said who is this?
I hated the reflection in the mirror on the wall
I needed to change. This time the way my heart wants.
Took off my mask,
Looked at the clear glass and relaxed.
I was agitated free.
All I needed to do to get his attention was to love my self.
Dec 2018 · 306
Ice Cream
Rukhshona B Dec 2018
Ice cream, OH, Ice cream
I wake up thinking of ice cream.
When hungry or full,
When winter or summer'
When happy or sad,
When skinny, or even fat,
I'm always in need of you .
Your delicious taste of
Chocos, and
drive me to wander and to say "WOW!"
In my mouth you go
and always on my mind to show.

By: Rukhshona B. 12/21/18
Dec 2018 · 292
Feeling happiness.
Rukhshona B Dec 2018
I just understood
that you feel happy
not because of the things
but because of the feelings you get.

You will feel needed,
You will feel succeeded
I don't care if it was the whole world
or if it was a tiny tool that I receive.
What I care is I am cared in this world
by someone.
And that feeling is happiness!
Keep in mind that even if you don't realize it, happiness is with you every day.  
Dec 2018 · 680
Your Love, Heals Me!
Rukhshona B Dec 2018
When the sadness tears
ran and showed my fears.
I saw you standing
and you gave me your understanding.
and Healed,
I fell in love with your smile,
Your beauty made me try.
I learned to climb then fly.
Thank You!
                                    My Love, and My Healer!----------------
It is true when your alone and cold you need someone. No matter who you are, and where your from . I personally think loneliness is the worst experience. Whether i'ts your love or a friend or a family, you need someone. If you don't have that some one then go find them. Start your journey with pride and live your life to the fullest.
Dec 2018 · 150
Rukhshona B Dec 2018
Do you think before saying?
It's not easy as agreeing.
You might agree,
but it won't be easy.
The words you speak might
**** and bleed some people's ears.
For, your words can change
and lives.
So, please
always think before freeing
a new phrase that your feeling.
Dec 2018 · 184
Being a teen at 13.
Rukhshona B Dec 2018
If you dare, you shall say
at 13 (as a teen) you will pray,
for all the trouble that is in your way,
as soon as to go away.
To be fair,
you need care
from the one that you dare
to say "Hey! I need love and care."
Because they will understand the wear
that your going through and from where.
As an adolescent I am experiencing a lot and this poem is in general about it. 11/30/18
Dec 2018 · 369
Crazy Dance.
Rukhshona B Dec 2018
***! How cool
is it to be a fool,
and dance like a crazy.
It feels so hazy.
Can't see clearly,
but that's the delivery.
Who cares? Enjoy your time,
YOLO, I'll fall in love with your rhyme.
This is your chance, just go and dance, your crazy fancy
This poem might not be my best poem but it is one of my fav. Means a lot to me.

— The End —