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Dec 2019 · 59
how to
Bruno Mahinahon Dec 2019
How can you stop loving someone.
How can you stop caring?
Teach me till the feeling┼Ť gone
Till we both flee┬┤ this pairing....
Jun 2019 · 70
Bruno Mahinahon Jun 2019
Isn't this what you want?
Or, this is me leaving
Memories will be buried
Together with the sweet yesterday.

Nights that you never notice
Time is flying
Moments sailing to
Everywhere we go
Every romantic chill felt
Every time I hold your arms
This is wrong assumption
A big failure.

I'm sorry
For this imagination of mine
I guess it's just because of my love for you
I will wake up now
From this dream of mine
And in the end I will stay away from you.
Apr 2019 · 72
Dark Horse
Bruno Mahinahon Apr 2019
You used to be my dark hose that always took me along
The two of use were a **** team like a pefect song
You save me in that battle on a moonless night
When my soul had died and can no longer fight
Mar 2019 · 171
the Poet
Bruno Mahinahon Mar 2019
He got a gift to live in a mysterious dream
Or maybe he was just trapped, where no one could hear his silent screams

His innocence felt so real and true
He had faith in himself that he would make it through.

He had a weakness for ink for it create history
He had witnessed paper carrying realms and ink dissolving hearts in a mystery.
Mar 2019 · 612
Beneath the dark
Bruno Mahinahon Mar 2019
Darkness picked him up, and watched him grow for years

He had grown up yo be a man now, and the dark had taken away all his fears

Beneath the shadows of the dark he had spent almost all his life

But he still had a longing for the light, he wanted to feel what it was like.
Feb 2019 · 476
Bruno Mahinahon Feb 2019
Duwag ka pero salamat.
Salamat dahil hindi mo ako hinayaang mahulog sa isang panandaliang saya.
Hindi mo ko hinayaang mahulog sa isang panaginip lang.  
Sa mga matatamis na salita na hanggang salita lamang.
Sa mga makahulugang tingin na hanggang tingin lang
Sa mga masasayang kwentuhan na hanggang ala-ala na lang
Mga salita, tingin at kwentuhan na hindi kayang ipadama ng mga yakap at haplos
Dahil duwag ka
Dahil andyan ka at andito ako
Pinagdugtong lang ng isang pisong tumatawid sa libo-libong distansyang mahirap sundan
Dahil hindi natin kayang tawirin dahil duwag duwag ako
Oo, duwag din ako
Duwag ako katulad mo
Nakakahilo ang pagitan nating di natin kayang bitawan ng pangakong baka balang-araw ay magdikit din ang daliri at mabatid kung may kuryente bang dadantay sa umaasam na puso...dahil duwag ka at duwag ako
Duwag tayong dalawang pumaroon sa espayong walang kasiguraduhan  
Pero napakatapang nating hinarap ang katotohanang nakakabit sa dalawa nating mga paa
Na andyan ka at nandito ako  
Itong paang nagpipigil sa ating lumutang sa ligayang hatid ng mapangahas na damdamin;  
Hatid ng masarap na pantasyang hawak ko ang mga pisngi mo o na malaya kong natititigan ang mga mata mo
Lagi tayong nakamulat at hindi kayang pumikit ng matagalan
Dahil duwag ka at duwag ako
At ito ay isang pekeng pangarap
Jan 2019 · 182
Beautiful, YOU
Bruno Mahinahon Jan 2019
Your silence was enough, you need not to speak
Right behind your eyes were all those answers I seek
It was more than just a pretty face you always had
You are my sun in the evening going red.

You are short tempered cuz you cared too **** much
But the world was too blind to see real and true emotions as such
Your level of insanity was a little too high
Your feet on ground but your head was in the sky.

Your carefree crazy lifestyle felt so young and alive
You knew how to live and embrace the gift of life
Your made of steel forged in the hottest fire
Your strength was your faith and that one true desire.

You were made for the wild not for the cage
No ink was enough to bind her destiny on a bunch of page
The best thing about you was the purity in your soul
You are the shadow of a divine goddess standing tall.
Dec 2018 · 101
Bruno Mahinahon Dec 2018
She was just so different and preferred to be alone
Even her stare felt cold and her soul was long gone
Her biggest weakness was food
She needed something to chew for every mood.

She was made of steel forged in the hottest fire
Her strength was her faith and that one true desire
She possessed a dragon's heart
That courage she had was a heavenly moonspark.

She had a smile, only one of a kind
It was just so beautiful, like a happy illusion of the mind
She was short tempered cuz she cared too **** much
But the world was too blind to see real and true emotions as such.

She had that charm and the beauty of the queen
She was the bright streak of light that only night had seen
She had a kind and caring heart
She was a gift of nature's living art.

Her wings were on fire, she was always meant to rise
She was a queen born to avenge the skies
She didn't let go of her humanity even though her heart bleed
And hid the pain in the pages of a book that no one was supposed to read.

— The End —