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Orchid Apr 4
Nonsensical in speech
but with deeper understanding
you can follow my words
rise to the poet panting

For he stands and sits
upon those emblem crowns
gives emotion to listeners
adorned in silk gowns
Bruno Mahinahon Mar 2019
He got a gift to live in a mysterious dream
Or maybe he was just trapped, where no one could hear his silent screams

His innocence felt so real and true
He had faith in himself that he would make it through.

He had a weakness for ink for it create history
He had witnessed paper carrying realms and ink dissolving hearts in a mystery.
Sarah Ahmed Apr 2016
I'm physically 
in pain,
and I'm 

**© Sarah Ahmed
Sarah Ahmed Mar 2016
Let me take your heart
to where it should lie,
in a place that consists
of only you and I.

Let me take your heart
to where it should be,
in a world that exists
for only you and me.

**© Sarah Ahmed
Sarah Ahmed Mar 2016
You hold grudges,
as if you've 
never wronged anyone 

You bear grudges,
as if you 
don't know how 
much it hurts 
to have one 
against yourself.

Remember what you've done.
Remember how it feels.

**© Sarah Ahmed
brandon nagley Nov 2015
A poet Jot's word's
Even whilst being broke;
A poet writeth his last stanza
In his deathbed whilst he chokes.

A poet in the living
Beyond his death;
The poet recites Poe
Whilst quoting Macbeth.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
I know it's only right to stay
but I made myself
become this way
and it feels so wrong
that I even survived today.

My mind ponders
when it should stay away;
What poet doesn't struggle
to keep that impulse
at bay.

I guess what I'm trying to say
is one must consider and
consciously decide
whether or not
one should die
before one can
actually start living
an appreciable life in their
own eyes. It's painful otherwise.
All we can do to help them
wade through these tides
is be there for them.

Written as a reply to
• Suicide • by ThePoet (Sarah Ahmed):
Frank Ruland Feb 2015

They're setting Heaven ablaze
Hell settles in through my blisters
as pseudo saviors leave me in a daze


Oh, how the heathens hath come to play!
Here, the stakes only get hotter
as damnation rots away my gray!


So quick are the ****** with tricks
I don't understand sleight of hand,
but this black magic makes me sick!


Show me space between your heart and mind
Where Mercy reverberates amid the clamor
of everyday apathy and a hellish grind


Can fire and flesh coexist?
Or would you lay my wicked ways to waste
because I fail to replicate your wish?


You can safely say I have little faith in men
I've been crucified to many times
to say I believe that they give a ****!


I'm no martyr, but here I suffer
Besiege my beliefs, then brand me a *******,
but it's just foreplay, and I'm a precursor!


So, here I am with a gun to my head
I was the voice speaking against the body,
now I'm bad blood waiting to be bled
This is for ThePoet's Easy Lose/ Hard Gain challenge! She is an amazing poet with fantastic ideas and a beautiful heart! Please, participate if you can. Open your mind.
Brian Payamps Jan 2015
"Your eyes are my weakness"

I see right through you
Exploit the fact you're blind without me

"Your scent is my pronesness"

My humanly aroma can turn you off
So I mask it with axe after shave and Gucci guilty cologne even when we home

"Your lips are my vulnerability"

I understand when you ramble on you want me to grab you by the face and kiss you like our first date.
It reminds you why you fell in the first place.

"Your hair is my susceptibility"

So like Samson let Delilah cut it off. A man of God blinded by she who he called his third wife. Became a weak for sin so legs I grabbed like pillars and let them fall on me.

"Your touch is my humility"

I know where to feel to bring you back to me. The power of being your first and only. As my hands run through your body like a ship in an ocean.

"Your lust is my inferiority"

Bring you to your knees when the tides are high. Tell you that I love you right before I....

"Your love is my superiority"

Cheat. The fact that I know you love me gives power to the lies I feed... you. Stories I tell that can't be disproved even if you looked well.

Love blinds the eyes, since one thinks with the ***** that beats. Led by impulse all it does is repeat. Witness my parents split after 25. For the last ten only kissed on New Year and valentine's.
Why we live a lie, we can fall in and out of love over night. So I rather lay with you her, and her in these hotel sheets and avoid being heart broke like my father is. Smelling like great *** guided by lust. Is what a good stroke does.
Inspired by ThePoet. The other side of the coin. Everything in quotes was written by ThePoet.
ryn Jan 2015
How much do you have to hate life,
to not be scared of death?
- ThePoet

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't
Because I really am afraid
But life has only sharp things
Wonder if death is willing to trade...

...a splinter
Embedded in the recesses of my core
Nestled deep, this tiny thorn
The source of my disconcerting sore

...a shard
That stabs itself deep
Extract it I will not
Think it's worth the keep

...a knife
With never a dull blade
Stabs itself right through
Pain that will never fade

...a syringe
Injecting the good and bad
Side effects loom
Driving me quite mad

...a stake
Rammed into my heart
It doubles me over
It rips me apart

...a spike
Impaling without fail
Siphoning my soul
Through the holes in my mail

These are the few sharp things that I own
The only things I've learnt to savour
I've nurtured them large; now fully grown
Always wondered what death has got to offer...
Line taken off ThePoet's "How?", for Frank Ruland's "I Love Doing Lines!" challenge.

This line left me speechless when I first read it. It boasts of so few words but bears so much weight. It's smart, thought provoking and amazingly deep.
I started toying with it and came up with a response.

I am a big fan of ThePoet. I find that her entries exhibit uncanny wisdom, well laid thoughts and they're incredibly captivating.
Here's to you, ThePoet...
Thank you for the inspiration!

— The End —