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Shahibrah Dec 2018
For it's the time that repeats every night, with a sword in my hand and an armour bound to my chest, I have to fight that evil soul on those dark, villainous lands where it wraps me in it's devilish thoughts.
For it's the time where I struggle to escape those ominous shadows in search of dawns first light that will set that evil soul to   fire and let me enter a new day with a new fight.
Fear is a natural human emotion, and it is something that everyone experiences in their lifetime. What matters most is how you fight your fears, and whether you let them affect your life.
Shahibrah Dec 2018
Ravishing beauty with fluttering hair.
Benevolent nature with gracious fair.
Enchanted eyes with a cosy blink.
Amiable spirit with a heart throbbing wink.
Elegant looks endowed with grace.
Noble intelligence with a pretty face.
Loving heart with pious emotions.
Astonishing mind with superior notions.
Pls let me knw my flaws below in the comments section,  so I can improve. ..☺
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Shahibrah Dec 2018
When the lights where shut,
I could see her
Wearing a black robe,
she stood on the edge of my couch.
Slowly and steady,
She walked towards me.
Grabbing my wrist tightly
she dragged me
to the netherworld,
where she pushed me
into the lake of dark waters.
Lashing my arms
against the water,
I tried to swim.
But all in vain.
I drowned to an alternate universe,
where from no one returns.
A new pain was born in me
That smashed my eyes into the tears .
Broken and scared,
I whisper the melancholic lullabies.
I am the lost soul,
who fell a victim to the deadliest poison.
Here depression has been personified as a girl..

— The End —