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maureen Apr 2020
i've seen my lover's death
countless of times
her unconscious figure lain;
pooling blood the color of her hair --

rewinding time's arms
my fingers shall bare pain
to taste the sweet petrichor
that surrounds her once more.

to die is vain
and to love an honor -
prickly rose to a chest

i keep chasing the hour you've gone.
Justin Pfirsch Feb 2019
Would the best Historian
plan, build, and create
a real working time machine
risking life and limb and pride
to experience his beloved History firsthand


Would the best Historian
seeing this machine
laugh then smile
and simply say
no thank you sir
I do not need my body there
my minds been there for years
Kalarav Nov 2018
Time keeps moving forward,
But I am in the same place as yesterday.
Everything evolved in the span of two days,
But has my heart? Has my soul?

My mind is a time machine
Swinging between the past and the future.
When will it learn to live in the present?
When will I make the best of today?
Hopefully tomorrow
Neeloo Neelpari Nov 2018
Many a times, when I am alone
I just find myself thinking of the fun
Collecting pouring water, drenching in the rain
Sailing my paper boats in the small drain
Catching in matchboxes frogs from puddles of water,
And throwing them on young and old with giggles and smiles

Smearing the silver, golden color on my friends
Of the butterflies that we picked in the sunny garden
Feasting on dollops of homemade icecreams and chuskies (ice lollies)
Listening to stories of kings n demons by granny

How could I forget hat fight with parents
To stay awake all night during summer or winter break
To watch uncountable movies on the rented video recorder
Or to read Agatha Christie, Enid Blyton in just one sitting

There was a different story all the time
for each of my tantrums and fantasies alike
And a unique reason for enjoying every season

Oh! How I wish I could have a time machine
To take me back to my childhood innocence
I really miss being a little kid O my Lord!
With no stress, worries or care in the world...!!!

© Neeloo 'NeelPari'
Sillva Nov 2018
Has my soul woundered around in many different time lines
Trying to escape a reality that I have never wanted to see.
Trying to predict a future with out you.
The bad descions have been coming back to bite me again.
Karma has finally made it's descion to hit me.
Asking my self the same questions over an over again,
Drowning my self in a bottle of Scotch.
Asking my self on replay

Would I jump to the past to change things?
Or should I stay an have another dance with the devil?

                                                       BY ERS
Id go back to the first moment
   Where your eyes shined brighter
When your lips curls up everytime
        you called my name

When your hands never grew tired
      holding mine
        As Cigarettes were my yesterday's comfort habit ,
     I got addicted to you more.

     I used to think love tasted sweeter
      the longer you stay
This time I need that time machine
        to get another taste .
Oh I cry everytime I fail
trying to bring back what was once ours
Im not smart enough to create the impossible time machine to go back in time
but I'll be wiser to change this today
and pray for what fate molds us to be
Lice H-P Sep 2017
Wanna tygerskinrug tymemachine
for non-tragic carpet ryde
'cross the meltin' clock stream.
Rhynestone tymelyne HG couldn't prophesy,
one where Milton Keynes is the new New Orleans.

Some of us can't get over
how much we ****** at being 17.
Send myself back a Kyle Reese shrink,
preshrink tiger sniffles of spleen.

Sow wyld paradoxes, flog dead groundhogses.
Marty & the Doc
patsies for end of days.
I'll elbow Al, selfish Sam Beckett.
Scream will the butterfly effect afflicted.

Some of us can't get over
how much we ****** at being 17.
Send myself back a Kyle Reese shrink,
redestine kitten smithereens.

Shades of grey of history
frame our immortal sinchronicity
for a cryme: tyger strypes of tyme!

Ret-connaissance, chrono camo,
crossroads where Norwich
'came 2nd Seattle:
tyger strypes of tyme
burning bryte on tyme!

Ret-connaissance, chrono camo,
in the forests
of the snooze button
burning bryte on tyme!
Tyger strypes of tyme!
Dante Jan 2017
They say time machines don't exist,
but whenever I'm with you,
Time seems to fly by.

And when I'm not,
seconds turn into minutes.
Shower thought.
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