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soaringllama Jan 2019
I have returned
Can't say why
But I can't sleep

Tried to just write simple
Tried to write and leave
But no
I'm a teen
So I take hours deciding on words
To make me seem edgy
To convey anxiety
**** it.
It's 3 am
I don't have time to form my thoughts so I'm just typing I guess for attention
Wow great self awareness
Wait what was this about
Oh yea
I'm back.
I think
May just be for a night.
******* brilliant writing... ****. Can u (more ellipsis) ninja turtle
soaringllama Jun 2018
Anger for nothing
Just ****** and being an ***
Can't say why I'm

Stressed from little
On edge for everything I have
Can't stop my

Empty from this
Left drained from day to day
Never felt so

Haven't felt so
soaringllama Mar 2018
I feel my body crumble
I fight and struggle
I slowly turn to rubble

My lungs starts to leak
While I gasp for air
I won't even bother to speak
I know it's pointless
An attempt for the weak

If I am to die
It won't be in fear
But with pride
That I did all I could
Before I died
soaringllama Mar 2018
I have a drive
But no start

I have words
But no pen

I have a fuel
But no heat

I have a desire
But I have excuses

I have the ability
But no effort

I have what I need
Except for me.
  Jan 2018 soaringllama
i think not speaking
is the thing messing me up the most
out of all of this

yes, i love you
i really really do
but i know i will get over that
it will take time and it will hurt like hell but i know i will

the thing is, you are my safe place
were my safe place
i felt as though i could go to you about anything
and you made me feel more comfortable than anyone else
you knew how to react and made it easy to talk
now i cant do that
and **** keeps happening
while you're the first person i think to go talk to when i can't
and i keep wondering how you are
you seem fine but i still miss hearing about your life

i miss you and i feel pathetic
because i'm having a hard time adjusting
and i dont exactly know what to do with myself
soaringllama Jan 2018
I am tired of them saying,
"you'll get him next time"
"you almost had him"
"you were so close"

I am tired of seeing,
your eyes so filled
with **** pity
I'm afraid if I bump you
I'll get it on my clothes.

So *******,
you don't know what you say,
you don't know what I do,
You don't know how I fight...
And if you don't *******
You just might.
I'm tired of people and their ******* pity, if you cared you would help
  Jan 2018 soaringllama

My mind right now is empty like a blank slate
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