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 Jun 2019 Tyler
 Jun 2019 Tyler
I push you away
And cry all the while
I act like I’m happy
The art of a smile.
 Jun 2019 Tyler
Sierrah Nichole
Im chained to these thoughts that run my mind;
Scenes of us harmoniously intertwined.
I crave the touch of your lips on the curves of my neck,
As my hands trace your skin leaving no inch unchecked.

My fingers grip your shoulder blades as your chest is pressed against mine
And I feel the melodies of your fingertips that send pulsing shivers down my spine.

Our breath exhaled against each other’s in slow pattered rhymes.
Begging the clocks against us, to give us more time.
But I open my eyes, and as good as it seems,
My desire for you is only met in my dreams.
 Jun 2019 Tyler
Chris Saitta
You who have lifted up your sunburned face,
Long-told of peasant warmth and the forest tableaux.
Barefoot, you brought the book of hours upon dusty roads,
Ungoverned, little flower from Jeanne to Lourdes to Lisieux.
Our Lady, osculum pacis, the kiss of peace in wood and stone.

Burned out to those dusty eyes,
Now-empty look of rosework from the forest-fall of sunlight.
Medieval prayer, earthly-dim to its rafters of oak,
Come un-cinctured in ashen cloud of amice and alb,
And the murine blackness of plague-like smoke.

Birds that sit blinking at the winged fossil of intrados,
Pipe air through your own ribbed vaults, organum pulse.
Let the city rise in your vining voices—and hold the note.
The great ***** intones from the runs and pedal stops,
Along the turbid streets of the rue de la Cité to the empire of catacombs.

Beside his candle, the monk in sadness knows
All loveliness of heaven except his own.
Our Lady, every sunset is your faded candle hour of peace, for us to know.
Holy Father, so passes worldly glory,
Over the roofs of Paris like fire-scorned and leaden wings.
 Jun 2019 Tyler
Dennis Willis
Ah Poesy
Why don't you Mosey
on down

Fill this sleepless space
behind my yawning

Some tasty line
to hasten
my decline

Into somnolence
I imagine
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