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Self Acceptance is a challenging task,
Its not as simple as throwing on a mask,
You have to actually go through a lot,
Right when you think you have it you noticed you missed a spot,
Then your sent back to square one,
The path towards self acceptance isnt fun,
I truly don't have self acceptance and have no need for it,
My emotions **** me in like a bottomless pit,
Still to this day I technically see no purpose for myself,
Maybe its time to store my emotions on a shelf,
People like how nice I am but the inner me slowly chips away,
I want those around me to be happy so the price I must pay,
Why me
Ever since day 1 he was truly determined to play,
If I met him our friendship would never decay,
I once did volleyball myself whenI was younger,
Winning a single game won't satisfy his hunger,
I would run with him on that mountain every day,
I would see to it that he never feels grey,
I would want to be his greatest friend without drama,
But that spot has been taken by Kageyama,
They teach us how even enemies can become great allies,
Everyone of their games together are quite a surprise,
Self rejection mostly occurs when your a teen,
There is you, rejection but friends in between,
Your "good" friends keep you from the thought of it alone,
Without friends you have to deal with it on your own,
You see...self rejection isn't easy to hide,
I personally try but only hurt my pride,
Keeping secrets from your friends isnt the best idea,
Friends arent replacable you cant buy them from Ikea,
My friends can easily see if Im depressed or sad,
They're practically the only ones that make me glad,
Friends give you something to live for,
Some of my friends I personally adore,
My friend recommended
This one goes out to a special someone that's on my mind,
Even if I were to go blind she would still be easy to find,
I would listen to the half of heart that is in my possession,
I have given her the other For that is my first confession,
Now the things I love about her so much,
Her thighs for when we hug I have something to clutch,
Her Eyes shine the light through my darkness,
When I talk to her I plan it out kinda like chess,
We have the most fun when were together,
I could carry her over my back because she is as light as a feather,
I love her more than I love myself because I'm not conceded,
We give eachother the love that we have always needed,
She is the parade that displays my happiness,
To seal our love all we have to do is kiss,
I would spend the rest of my life with her if I had the choice,
The only thing holding me back is the words don't come with my voice,
It's easy to say over the phone but thats a disgrace,
The only thing is it's hard to say when were face to face,
I'm a quiet peaceful person but I am also shy,
Not being able to say the words makes me want to cry,
But no tear shall shed from my little eye, 
My love for her will stay everlasting not even until the day I die,
Even when I die my love shall fight on,
It will stay strong forever from dusk to dawn,
Love is a piece of heven placed on earth to put us through hell
Love is dark magic and we are all under it's spell
It all starts when you 1st see her beautiful face
You then treat her like a test your trying to ace 
You try to talk but she is busy and in a rush
You then become dedicated because shes now your crush
You think that if you get her number you could explain 
But every time you try she is busy again and again 
You then become impatient so you then ask 
But she reads it and never attempts the task 
Seconds into minutes into hours into days 
Your waiting as she finds her way through the maze 
You then lock your heart away and try to move on 
But you cant due to the trap you have stepped upon
The only thing is you set the trap
You sent her through the maze and forgot about the map 
Now you are stuck and know the cost
You 2 are separated because she is in the maze lost
It occurs when your talking to someone that means alot to you
When you have nothing to say so you look down at your shoe
Then your crush actually says hi are you ok
You say yes how was your day as you think about wat next to say
You have a meaningful conversation until you choke in surprise
She says something but you just cant believe your eyes
I personally choke when i talk to girls all the time
Wow how rich I would be if every time it happened I got a dime
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