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Ever since we met its lik i kno who u r
Its lik we are locked togethr on a shelf in a little jar
Ever since we hugged i feel so squeezed
Were missing a kiss my lips u wud tease
Ever since we held hands i never want to let go
If I still held on our path wud stay aglow
But now my path is dark and my feet are sore 
Ever since this all started i knew tht i hav had this feeling before
I dont think i can find true love any time soon
If i keep trying my heart will blow up lik a balloon
I cud just stay emotionally stable for a bit
Bcuz if i dont in my chest there will soon be a slit
I love listening to ur heavenly voice
I wud listen to it all day if i had a choice
This one is for a certain girl I have been talking to over the weekend. Im trying to prove myself to her.
Love is something you try your hardest to hold on to
But unfortunately you dont know it but its slipping away from you
After all the hard work you went through to get it
It betrays you turns around and in your face it will spit
It warns you that it will leave if you dont show your love 
If you ignore it will leave you if you dont do all of the above
Then without it you feel as if you were dumb or stupid
So you do all you can to get it bak you even call on cupid
You then convince cupid and he says you hav 3 tries
But you constantly miss bcause your love denies
Cupid says "give it time" it will come back
Then you realize that is all you lack
You have no patience when it comes to waiting
You rush through relationships thats why you cant keep dating
So you give your heart a break you stay stable for a while
Then your love comes back crying tears in a pile
You let it in because you cant stay apart
The lesson learned is you cant live without a heart
Without a heart you cant be in love
Its not a wedding if there is no dove
I luv the way ur hair flows as u walk past me
I try not to luk as tho i cannot c
Wen u smile an angel gets its wings
Wen i c ur smile i can hear the angel as it sings
Ur eyes r lik 2 pools of undiscovered spaces
I cud get lost in them meet new ppl go to new places
Ur curves r lik the waves of an ocean
I cud notice them even if u arent in motion
Ur thighs r handles easy to grip
As we hug and meet lip to lip
I cant trust myself wen im with u
I wud hav sumthn ether gud bad or inapropriat to 
It wud make u happy sad mad or *****
U wud want to hug me kiss me slap me or *** me
It depends on a question i wud ask u in evry way
Ur reaction revolves around how gud was ur day
Today your all that will be on my mind
A place for me in your heart I must find
All I want to do today is see you smile
My love for you lasts longer than the Nile 
If you were mine and I was yours
There wouldn't be locks on any closed doors
We wouldn't hav e to lie we wouldn't keep secrets
The relationship would be continuous with no quits
We would always make contact
We would stay together no matter the impact
Its just though as if u dont feel the same 
Just to let you know my love will never be a game
If it were when it comes to you you have extra lives
If you almost drown even though I cant swim I would dive
When I met you I felt something in my heart
It felt like a wall of flame that wont let us part
It made me feel warm inside on cold days
If you ever began to walk out on me id become billy mays
Id stop you and say "but wait theres more"
I would explain how you would destroy my core
Its only been a few hours and im feeling kind of sour
I shuould have did something sweet like gave you a flower
Me seeing you smile is like a dog recieving a treat
If my heart was bitter and met you it wud be sweet
I remember spinning you at the park with full care
As you spun graciously your hair would blow in the air
Im upset towards myself i never make a move
If I ever said I loved you i wud be able to prove
I dont think i can ever forgive myself tho
All of my chances to try i let slide or go
Lost in a cold world of hate
To think tht i hav a life without a mate
I dont think tht life will ever be the same
Well the best thing is she actually knos my name
I wud never let u go 
If i did o how i wud miss u so
I wud never forgive myself
I cant just take my heart out and put it on a shelf
Il be alone without u next year 
I wont have anybody to love without having u near 
Wen i c u u bring sunshine into my  rainy days
To a plain donut u wud be the glaze
U make my life to live for
To be honest ur the one i adore
I remember the first time i was gonna ask u out
I heard u went with ryan so i began to pout
I was so upset i didnt kno wat to do 
My emotions then went from green to red to blue
I was down in the dumps
My heart went from jumps to thumps to slumps
I began to dislike ryan
I began to wait but it lasted an entire lifespan
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