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People always talk about finding "the one," the one who completes them and makes them feel like a unified being. I hate to break it to you, babe, but you're not "the one" for me. You're much more than "the one". You're more like the "the seventeen" and maybe even one day you'll be more like "the sixty three". Now you're probably reading this and thinking "what the **** are you even saying?" Which is a valid question because I don't know what I'm talking about most of the time either, but you already knew that. What I mean by this is you're not just one big lump of you. There's so many different you's that's put into one body. There's a you that makes me laugh uncontrollably and a you that makes me want to tear my hair out. There's also a you that knows how to calm me down and a you that protects me when I can't protect myself. There's a you that walks me to my car even when it's just a minute away. One day, there might be a you that argues with me about what color we should paint the walls of our living room and who knows, there might even be a you who loves your kids more than anything, but a you who puts your foot down when you think they're getting out of line. So, no. You aren't "the one." You're the endless amounts of you and I want them all in every possible way.

One shot for the sorrow,
Two to be sure,
Three for the morning
To make it a blur,
Five hours of dancing,
Six steps till I fell,
Seven minutes unconscious,
As far as I could tell,
Eight people to help,
Nine nine nine took moments to come,
Ten glasses of water,
An aspirin and then some.
The weird part was being reminded of him constantly
In the movies she watched, in the songs she sang, in the temperature
It would be a shame to say that he didn't equivocate her affection, but it was true
He superceded it
He didn't just see her in every film, hear her voice in the music, or sense her in the weather
He kept her name under his breath everywhere he went, infatuated with the very thought of her

You and I
We aren't the same.

We've shared our laughter,
We've shared our pain.

But something has shifted,
We both have drifted.

You and I
We used to click.

We've become so distant,
We've become so sick.

Something's wrong,
Maybe it was all along.
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