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Mar 2015
This one goes out to a special someone that's on my mind,
Even if I were to go blind she would still be easy to find,
I would listen to the half of heart that is in my possession,
I have given her the other For that is my first confession,
Now the things I love about her so much,
Her thighs for when we hug I have something to clutch,
Her Eyes shine the light through my darkness,
When I talk to her I plan it out kinda like chess,
We have the most fun when were together,
I could carry her over my back because she is as light as a feather,
I love her more than I love myself because I'm not conceded,
We give eachother the love that we have always needed,
She is the parade that displays my happiness,
To seal our love all we have to do is kiss,
I would spend the rest of my life with her if I had the choice,
The only thing holding me back is the words don't come with my voice,
It's easy to say over the phone but thats a disgrace,
The only thing is it's hard to say when were face to face,
I'm a quiet peaceful person but I am also shy,
Not being able to say the words makes me want to cry,
But no tear shall shed from my little eye, 
My love for her will stay everlasting not even until the day I die,
Even when I die my love shall fight on,
It will stay strong forever from dusk to dawn,
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