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finn Apr 2021
He is the sun.
and orange
and drawing your attention
until you are blinded and sunburnt and in awe and watching as
as He-
as He FLIES.
as He soars, ascends, goes higher and higher and never, ever falls.

what use is a sun,
if not to distract the world from the moon?
the moon glows. It does not take the spotlight.
It is all knowing and lovely and shimmering and illuminating and observant and
and the moon  -the moon is, if not anything else, always there.

The stars twinkle.
They smile,
They offer encouragement.
the stars are beautiful and expansive and appear in the most unexpected of places, on the cuffs of jeans, in the wake of dreams,
in a smattering across the cheeks.
The stars are familiar.

the sky ties them together.
ever changing
full of all that it loves
the sky is large and encompassing and it will always, always
the sky will always
the sky will always
inspired by karasuno first years! (sorry I didn't include yachi but i have no idea how to characterize her TT)
Remus Sep 2020
Desire to fly alone and soar again
And continue to grow, becoming strong.
Enemies fear me greatly, for my gaze
Is causing the competition to work.
Receiving points, I crave so much to stay
Collide with the attempt of winning but not
I embrace defeat so gracefully
Support around overwhelms me greatly
I fear in what is really on their minds
Disappointed in myself for stopping us
Victory will hopefully wait until I fly
Because I want to fight on my own
Ever since day 1 he was truly determined to play,
If I met him our friendship would never decay,
I once did volleyball myself whenI was younger,
Winning a single game won't satisfy his hunger,
I would run with him on that mountain every day,
I would see to it that he never feels grey,
I would want to be his greatest friend without drama,
But that spot has been taken by Kageyama,
They teach us how even enemies can become great allies,
Everyone of their games together are quite a surprise,
ken ken Feb 2015
this is so *******...!
I'm not even good at sports.
I am addicted...

— The End —