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I pull your arms back and start to put it in a little slow,
You look back at me and in your eyes I see a perfect glow,
I push it in even more and you moan out my name,
I pull you all the way back looking at you trying to tame,
I grab your hips and start to grind against you,
Every time I pull back it goes back in like were stuck with glue,
You grab my hand and squeeze like there is no tomorrow,
I begin to make waves go up your back with a nice flow,
I flip you over and grab your sides as I look in your beautiful eyes,
I wrap your legs around my hips for a big surprise,
Them pick you up and put your back against the wall,
I ******* up the wall as you claw at my back like I'm a doll,
I like the pain so I keep going as I bite your neck,
You moan uncontrollably but this is only one card in my deck,
I put your legs on my shoulders while I **** your ****,
I lick your **** intensely and start to spit,
I open your legs and force my tongue against your **** once more,
I can feel so much of you its like your melting to the core,
I softly kiss your neck and bite your collar bone,
You tightly grip the bed as you start to softly moan,
I kiss down your body and lick your ******* in a circle,
You hold your breath and start to turn purple,
I kiss you and stick my tongue in your throat,
Your ***** is the ocean and my **** is the boat,
Its almost time to go along the shore,
But first let me find out if my tongue can do some more,
I kiss your thigh then I push my tongue against your ****,
I wiggle it in place like there is no time to quit,
You comb your fingers through my hair pulling my face in,
I go faster as if it's a race and I'm going to win,
I feel you getting wet as my tongue moves,
This is way better than your finger my tongue proves,
I get up and rub my **** across the surface to tease,
I put it in slowly to keep your mind at ease,
I continue to go deeper and deeper listening to your non-stop sound,
I grab your hips shove it in and then begin to pound,
I go faster and faster listening to our skin clap,
I turn you to your side lifting up your leg exploring the rest of the map,
I put you face down, arch your back and grab your hips,
I realize that your thighs are almost as soft as your lips,
Hatred is what develops once your lust for love has faded away,
Hatred is what makes your heart slowly decay,
Hatred erases the heart and leaves a black hole,
Hatred discards every other emotion and acts as the main role,
Hatred is one of my favorite allies as of today,
I wish Hatred was a person cause I know they would stay,
Im usually not the type to even associate myself with anything but joy,
But as of now I guess you can call me a new boy,
I have learned many truths and lies towards my own existence,
This essence of hatred has overcome my resistance,
Hatred can take many forms but mine is through poetry,
I used to express much love but that part of me died recently,
Death to me is the loss of all love,
This adds on to what Im currently thinking of,
If one doesn't have love can they truly die,
Or do they postpone their existence by saying goodbye,
If one cannot die are they even alive,
I haven't yet answered but yet I will strive,
If they truly didn't have love they're not considered human,
And if that's the case Im no human either where should I begin,
Was I ever alive throughout these years,
It was such a waste to shed all those tears,
Now that I'm not human those tears don't have any purpose,
Thinking about that pretty much leaves me wordless,
Now think to yourself are you human or not,
Keep your love because it may be the only thing left that you've got.
Love is a necessity I have not yet acquired,
Not long from now my Heart will become expired,
It has the same mindset and will power as I,
I continuously ask myself over and over Why,
To this day I know not of why I **** at love,
It slides through my hand like a fingerless glove,
I could never hold onto it no matter how much I wanted to,
I would always hold my breath until I turned blue,
Life is nothing without someone to share it with,
It's said that everyone has love somewhere but for me that's a myth,
Well now I shall bring this poem to an end,
All I want is someone to share life with kinda like a friend,
Living life without love is pointless,
It's what I'm doing thats what I have first to confess,
I don't serve a purpose for anyone I know,
If I left I don't think I would disrupt the flow,
I like for people to think that I'm nothing but happy,
But I just feel like there is something wrong with me,
I might have great friends but I don't feel like I belong,
Don't even bother asking what is wrong,
I still have to figure that out myself,
As I have said many times my heart is going on a shelf,
I'm still gonna be a "nice" person to you,
Only because I really don't know what to do,
All I want is for everyone around me to be happy,
I feel as if the only thing stopping that is me,
On that note I must continue my search for love,
Either that or I can fly away like a dove,
The wait only occurs to the most loving and caring,
The ones who have a heart and don't mind sharing,
They believe they can wait for their so called love,
But she skips him and goes for all of the above,
She neglects his feelings and emotions for her,
She notices them but in the trash she would stir,
The boy ignores the shutdown and stays positive,
Because he can't see a world without her that he would live,
He pours his feelings into her lap,
But little did he know she thought they we're crap,
The boy constantly pursues the girl,
But after a while he wants to give up and in a ball he would curl,
He chooses to stop and never like anyone again,
Whenever he sees her he walks away after ten,
He avoids her not knowing she wants to talk,
Then after a while she begins to stalk,
Now the tables have turned and she must wait,
The only thing she can count on now is fate,
The boy figures this out and just wants to die,
For now his love is taken by another guy,
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