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misakamikoto Sep 2020
if i **** you
won't you think
i'd be doing a favor?
sleep now
misakamikoto Sep 2020
it's a day when the weather just agrees with you
or the other way around
when you wake up and know in an instant that any productive acts won't change that it's a bad day
and you try to go along with it
and it will seem fine
that maybe it can turn around the last minute
but no
it won't
because the day,
the weather,
and you, decided it will be a bad one before you even slept yesterday

it's a day when the weather just agrees with you
when the only good thing is
you don't have to pretend to vibe with its sunshine
  Apr 2020 misakamikoto
do not date a girl
who writes.
she will internalize
carve poems
into your eyelashes
instead of
kissing them,

she will analyze you,
calculate age
from the rings
your coffee cup
instead of refilling it.

she will memorize
the way your
lips curl around steam,
but not that you
take it
two sugars,
no cream.

she will read your
palm instead of
holding it
against her chest.

she will not
when you leave,
because she is
romanticizing it.
misakamikoto Apr 2020
if the world pauses in its tilt
moments do not endure
suffering ceases
boredom gets diverted
heartbreaks are forgotten
numbness disperses
falling sensations halt
agony sets us free
but when the world pauses in its tilt
wounds won't heal
and that's all the reason to find a way to live
in that instant when the world pauses in its tilt
one reason > all promises
misakamikoto Apr 2020
when you were born
the world cried
because you didn't

nothing has changed since
misakamikoto Apr 2020
how should i sleep
when my favorite melody's gone
singing a lullaby to another one

how should i wake
when it's not your cunning tune
greeting me good morning at noon
  Apr 2020 misakamikoto
do you
the sun

do you
for the
the sun?
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