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 Oct 2017 Tinker Bell
clem turner
we talked about suicide in class today.  

"imagine being in that kind of pain..."

in biology, the study of life,

"...every day, so much pain..."

the study of classification and overcrowding,

"...that you decide, to yourself, and no one else..."

of minuscule creatures that still matter,

"...that you can't do it anymore."

of students that squirm because they know.
 Oct 2017 Tinker Bell
Wild Ocean
Falling in love with
your thoughts will feel
like sipping up,
sunshine from barrel
of liquified, golden sky;
2.Falling in love with
every idea swelling
in your mind, will be
like swallowing fireflies,
that will light up  
dark corners of your
blighted soul;
3.Falling in love with
your own dreams
will feel like building
a summerhome  to
sway under cool shade
on sultry sunny days;
4.Falling in love with,
your happiness,
will feel like treading
on damp luscious green
grass on cool autumn
5.Falling in love, with
your reflection
will feel like feeding
your soul with electric
Elixir that will cure
every pain;
Falling in love with
Is like,
Deliberately drowning
in galactic oceans,
Absorbing in technicolor
September sky,
Painting your flesh
with all shades of blue,
Tasting erratic wild winter
wind on your tongue,
It feels like,
making love to whole
**** Cosmos.
 Oct 2017 Tinker Bell
A skeleton in a fingerprint
A dancing bag of bones
A cantilever shade of gray
A prisoner all alone
A silent pulsing partner
A drift this blot of ink
A catch phrase in the darkness
A caption on the brink
A blistered swirl of images
A channeled mystery
A skeleton in a fingerprint
A different piece of me
how many leaves
does it need to fall
to bring you Autumn?
 Sep 2017 Tinker Bell
Make everyday count
Do something really lovely
It will bloom your heart
The  leaves  now  saying
a  sad  farewell.

To  the  trees  they
have  adorned  so  well.

Yes,  autumn  glory  is  here.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2017.
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