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1.2k · May 2016
Tinker Bell May 2016
Optimism means
to see,
the distance you covered,
not the time it took,
for you to reach there.

Optimism means
to see,
the strength to get up,
in the legs
that limp and stagger.

Optimism means
to see,
the intention behind
every action,
And not the consequences.

Optimism means
to see,
an oasis,
if only just an illusion,
In the middle of the vast,
scorching desert around you.

Optimism means
to look for,
beauty in rubble,
order in chaos,
hope in desperation.
Optimism is good. It's great. I've learnt the hard way and I've come to appreciate it.

"In the long run, the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist had a better time on the trip."
~Daniel L. Reardon
850 · Jul 2017
Dear stranger
Tinker Bell Jul 2017
I imagine you to be a quiet person.
The socially awkward one, the one who likes the thought of being thought of as a thoughtful person, but one who ends up blurting out something irreversibly stupid.
I imagine you to be romantic, believer of true love. One who dreams of kisses under pink skies.
I imagine you to be intriguing and somehow delicate; like a cute little bird that needs to be observed from far.
I imagine you to be private, one who locks up not only his words, but emotions inside pages that are shoved and buried inside the depths of your heart.
I imagine you to be wearied by life, thinking about the future while you stir coffee.

Or maybe how I imagine you just reflects me.
The train of thoughts I had about a stranger walking down the street.
764 · Apr 2016
Tinker Bell Apr 2016
Tired head on mum's lap,
Her voice dissolves all worries.
Lovely paradise.
727 · Apr 2016
Tinker Bell Apr 2016
Cherish all good things, while you can,
Each and every woman, each and every man.
Little do you know, when your life will take a turn,
Everything you had, maybe lost in a short span.
Be free, don't confine your mind and soul,
Remember to be happy, atleast once a day,
All will be, as it should be, it's not under your control,
Try to appreciate yourself and throw your worries away.
E**ndings always hurt, but "make it a good one, eh?"

Haha :p
"How rare and beautiful it is, to even exist." - Sleeping At Last
556 · Feb 2017
A taste of humanity
Tinker Bell Feb 2017
A little phrase of love and support from a stranger,
suddenly sweetens everything
like warm honey that trickles on toast.
A word or two of empathy
like sugar cubes and
a hug that feels like summer.
"Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness - not by each other’s misery." -Charlie Chaplin
541 · May 2016
Tinker Bell May 2016
Tonight I wish,
You don't hug your pillow and cry yourself to sleep,
And the demons of your past don't bury you in guilt.

Tonight I wish,
You dream of happy times,
And I hope you know they are soon to arrive.

Tonight I wish,
You forget all your sorrow,
And live to see the light of tomorrow.

Tonight I wish,**
No soul decides to silently quit the world,
while I sleep.
And no one bleeds out rivers of red,
And that every single soul is warm and cozy in bed.
Sleep in peace.
539 · Apr 2017
All about last night.
Tinker Bell Apr 2017
Shared laughter, mem'ries,
Dinner, toasts to our good health,
Friends, family and love.
The best, happiest times in life :D
482 · Feb 2017
Thank you
Tinker Bell Feb 2017
You are the summer I've always waited for.
You coloured my world and painted me in shades so bright, I felt I could outshine the sun.
You dressed me in petals so soft, I felt warm and protected.
With your patience and love, I regrew all my wilted leaves.

You held my hand so tight, I felt brave enough to take the leap.
You sang to me so sweet, I felt like I lived a dream.
You smiled at me so wide, I felt loved and beautiful.
And for the happy moments you've given me, I am infinitely grateful.
462 · Jun 2016
Tinker Bell Jun 2016
A blank notebook stares at me,
Crisp pages, neat edges and lines
A pencil sharpened until the tip ******,
placed by the side.

I carefully carve slanted letters,
bundle them into words, into sentences..
and gradually,
I switch to sketches and doodles;
weird shapes,
mindlessly drawn (mostly spirals)..
Dragging the pencil to and fro
until it becomes blunt and curved.

Pens are convenient
but pencils are better.
You can always erase the mistakes,
though they leave scars and marks.

How long I sit there, I don't know.

I go to sleep,
and an abandoned notebook,
buried under tomes,
sits quietly on the desk,
telling the stories I've written.
460 · Jun 2016
Clouded mind
Tinker Bell Jun 2016
I close my eyes
and fade away into a place
in my own mind;
A place where
random thoughts
are mixed and packed
into clouds;
floating lazily.

Sometimes I sit on an
especially fluffy one
and journey somewhere,
until it starts to vanish
from under me,
into little wispy threads...

I forget where I was going
and jump on another one,
and another;
as if skipping and
hopping about.


One cloud crumbles and evanesces,
and another appears;
like stairs--
Appearing one by one
at my feet,
progressing forward,
carrying me.....

I start to forget,
why or how
I ended up here-
but there is
peace here. And comfort.

As I start to enjoy, I know it's not real.
Clouds rain in the real world.
And knowing that scares me.

*I know I have to wake up.
369 · Jun 2016
Tinker Bell Jun 2016
Hold my hand and walk with me,
Don't open your eyes, we're in a dream.
Right here, there is so much to see,
So many places you've never been.
Just look at them,
all the things beautiful but lonely.

Can you feel the Nature?
The winds, the oceans, the trees?
All the beauty surrounding us,
Yet always filled with mystery.
Tell me, love, don't you see?
Your eyes were made to look at these.

On nights when you cry, invite me too.
So while you look at the stars, I look at you.
You see them spread all across the sky,
While I see them swimming in your eyes.

They're so far away.....
but we are close,
Snuggled together on a bed of rose.
And you know what? Somethings look better from far.
So let them be where they are?
Right in the moment,
I love being here. With you.
And when you softly speak,
lost in the whispers, I'll fall asleep.

"When I look at the stars, it feels like I'm a child; admiring and longing for a toy on display...but it's out of reach."
(And so are you..)

It's special; different...I don't know if you feel it too.
But only in my dreams will I be able to say, what I've been meaning to say to you.
251 · May 2016
Help your friends
Tinker Bell May 2016
your friends
bounce back up,
when they fall in life.

Just the way you never want
a balloon to touch the floor.
I'm currently obsessed with balloons haha
50 · Jul 2019
The crowd
Tinker Bell Jul 2019
On all 4 sides, Darkness surrounds me. As far as the eye can see.
Thousands and thousands of them. It's a stampede!
I'll never make it out of here, I believe.

But then I find Happiness,
pushing through the crowd towards me,
smiling through the sweat, what a relief!
But there are thousands still searching,
"Where could my Happiness be?!"
It is so disheartening my friend
That there is nothing, absolutely nothing I can do
To lighten your grief.
I see all types of patients in the Psychiatry ward where I'm currently posted. It's so disheartening to listen to their stories and not being able to do anything other than following the protocol of prescribing drugs. But what of the pain? Painkillers don't **** emotional pain. So many people, so many; who think they are alone and their life is worthless and are in such great pain, and there's not much I can do. It's sad.

— The End —