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Tinker Bell Jul 2019
On all 4 sides, Darkness surrounds me. As far as the eye can see.
Thousands and thousands of them. It's a stampede!
I'll never make it out of here, I believe.

But then I find Happiness,
pushing through the crowd towards me,
smiling through the sweat, what a relief!
But there are thousands still searching,
"Where could my Happiness be?!"
It is so disheartening my friend
That there is nothing, absolutely nothing I can do
To lighten your grief.
I see all types of patients in the Psychiatry ward where I'm currently posted. It's so disheartening to listen to their stories and not being able to do anything other than following the protocol of prescribing drugs. But what of the pain? Painkillers don't **** emotional pain. So many people, so many; who think they are alone and their life is worthless and are in such great pain, and there's not much I can do. It's sad.
Tinker Bell Jul 2017
I imagine you to be a quiet person.
The socially awkward one, the one who likes the thought of being thought of as a thoughtful person, but one who ends up blurting out something irreversibly stupid.
I imagine you to be romantic, believer of true love. One who dreams of kisses under pink skies.
I imagine you to be intriguing and somehow delicate; like a cute little bird that needs to be observed from far.
I imagine you to be private, one who locks up not only his words, but emotions inside pages that are shoved and buried inside the depths of your heart.
I imagine you to be wearied by life, thinking about the future while you stir coffee.

Or maybe how I imagine you just reflects me.
The train of thoughts I had about a stranger walking down the street.
  May 2017 Tinker Bell
Larry Potter
The comfiest human bed warmer I ever had,
My fundamental tutor of the good and the bad,
The original storyteller in my bedtime tantrums,
The resident photographer of my birthday albums.

The accidental magician who tricked me out of my worries,
A sympathetic dictator who scolds but allows my fancies,
My biased talent manager who always tells me I'm the best,
The loudest cheerleader who puts to shame all the rest.

The world's underrated chef cooking heavenly meals,
Our unpaid laundry lady worrying over water bills,
The overqualified nurse never leaving her patient,
Our top-notch budget analyst negotiating every payment.

The random gardener, she can grow anything with ease,
Our talkative historian, she stops recalling only if we say please,
The uncanny philosopher, we've learned a lot from her,
The lost and found administrator, tracking things hidden anywhere.

The most efficient multitasker I've ever known,
My trustworthy adviser who knows me down to my bones,
A tough fighter who keeps winning her every battle,
My life's co-creator and this world's greatest mother.
Happy Mother's Day!
  Apr 2017 Tinker Bell
I stood watching her from the left of the lights
Tiny arms and legs
She was
My little Swan!
I danced in shadows
As she danced in light
Mother and daughter
She is magnificent!
Her golden curls flying
Tights sparkling
Toes, barely touching the stage

Mother passes the light
To the dancing daughter
And all is as it should be
She caught but a glimpse of me
In my selfish shadows
Dancing in her glory
Our eyes locked for the briefest of seconds
She danced on........
Stella had her spring recital. I couldn't help but try and dance in the shadows behind the curtains. She saw me. I'm so very proud of her.
  Apr 2017 Tinker Bell
To me, you are love.
You are the quiet tenderness of a serene night and the bright excitement of a new day.
You hold the scent of sweet flowers knotted up in your curls, and the bite of the ocean in your scalp slick with sweat.
Tonight, you hugged your mommy tight. And I inhaled the scent that makes you you,
for the millionth time.
For my dragon slayer
  Apr 2017 Tinker Bell
He presents what you see
with impeccable finesse.
He hides everything else behind the curtains.
Heavily veiled by his smiles...
Cleverly masked behind his script.

He stands elevated, taking his stage.
From his vantage he sees all.
He allows his facade to bask in the light...
Whilst keeping his back in the shadow.

He's renowned.
By the light that kills the dark.
He's addicted to the nightly ovations,
cascading cheers and gleaming reviews.

But every show has an end.
Come every dawn, he wakes to the reality
that tolls at his door.
He's owned and he knows it...
Too well,
by the stage he built
and the drama he wrote and casted.
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