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Nov 2019 · 101
The Invisible
Eden Hell Nov 2019
We’re there
We’re visible
Maybe to a family member
Or a long time friend
Or a favourite teacher
But to everyone else
We’re invisible
We become visible
To a group that’ll punch our faces in
Of course we’ll be visible to the doctors
How else will we heal?
But after that
We’re invisible
Until the group strikes again

Can you see me?
Oct 2019 · 84
Staying Alive
Eden Hell Oct 2019
How do people stay alive?
How do people get by each day?
How to people get by under pressure?
How do people get by without love?

How do people get by all?
Oct 2019 · 138
Untitled #1
Eden Hell Oct 2019
Demons don’t need horns
They don’t need to be given
The horns, the pitchfork,
Or the tail
Because not all demons are that bad

When I was younger
I used to believe
That demons just upped
And left heaven
Or were thrown out
Because they weren’t like
The angels
Then they got to hell
And realised
That heaven was just like hell
But with a better view.

So now
Hell is empty
And all the devils are here
(On Earth)
it's ****** but i'm adding it anyway

— The End —