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thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
Read into words
Read into thoughts
And then read in my eyes
All of them form
A dance of its own
Hard it is to open
Hard it is to close
You have to choose,
Shall I disclose ?
Once you enter
Shallow it is found
Lost in the woods
But you'll never find me.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
A sweet wine
like it taste.
Moments all fine
nothing to waste.

Humming of a bird
in noise of despair.
No time till it fade
More I aspire.

An album in mind
which brings a smile.
Forever it bind
Not opened for a while.

Gather it more
Put in the core.
Because you'll find,
nothing more.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
A smile that makes me wonder
In my heart a thunder
Connection of string
closer it may bring
Flow of my life,
turned towards, afterlife !
Thoughts stopped in a doom
All I could see is you in a fume.
A new color of me is open
A new version of me has dopen.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
Somethings in life
must be kept simple
if you complicate enough
they can form a lot of wrinkles.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
A beam of light
connecting us
where words play
no part.
Immense power
leaning towards
universe of molecules
turns into vacuum.
Nowhere or nothing
has meaning of all.
The shield of desire
now aspire nothing.
A glimpse of light
in me,
has finally brought out,
where I see you
As me.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
I sit in a room
with a bowl of two fishes
ceiling with a fan
A room full of switches.
Door with a painting wearing
chasing a butterfly into bushes,
reminding me of the other one.
Carrying a set of dishes,
a smile of the world on face.
caring one comes to picture.
A window with bars,
and mangoes falling down.
I see pupil, rushes
spreading words through whisper
I sit in a room
where walls are limitless.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
If dreams come true
I would've nothing but you

If star's cross by
I'll ask for nothing but you

If river flows by
I'll come to nothing but you

If wind carries away
I'll run to nothing but you

If last sleep comes by
I'll dream of nothing but you

If a choice comes between
I'll choose nothing but you.
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