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  Jan 2017 Tasia Howard
He doesn't see past the horizon of his life
He doesn't indulge in the myth of the hereafter
He doesn't believe he is worthy of such a notion
He doesn't make it a habit to put pen to paper

But with her...

He envisions the future like he's lived it before
He sings of his plans that span several lifetimes
He romanticises his thoughts as soon as they're conceived
He converses in paintings and writes only in rhymes
  Jan 2017 Tasia Howard
Stu Harley
a fence
around my soul
you touch
turns to gold
He emptied the glass
and ran back into the kitchen for more,
but he couldn’t save her.
  Jan 2017 Tasia Howard
Megan Rose
I can't stop
thinking about
on roses
how the perfectly round
droplets shine
and how they look
like diamonds
backed by an elegant
red dress
I can't stop
thinking about
the smell
of the rain
with the perfume
of the flower
and I can't stop
being happy.
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