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Feb 2022 · 128
I wish I knew
Tara Tags Feb 2022
I didn’t know your love for me had an expiration date
I didn’t know it was soon
Now yours is all rotten
while mine sits in my room
full bloom

I didn’t know I would wake up to a day
where you suddenly didn’t care
or that all your promises and I-love-you’s
were temporary
not sealed in fate

I didn’t know all these things
but if I did
I would've done the same things as you

I would've let my flowers die
instead of buying fake ones so they last forever

now my love is permanently plastic
a cheap artificial reminder
that my eternity is just a moment in passing for you
May 2018 · 453
Tara Tags May 2018
she is the only flower i have ever seen turn away from the sun
tall and beautiful
a breath of color in a field of monotony
yet as she blooms higher
she buries her head in shadow
Mar 2018 · 842
Tara Tags Mar 2018
cut glass
warm whiskey
and shards of my throat
scratched cd’s
looping song lyrics
and numb background noise
get used to the soft sounds
get used to the pitch
when the rest of the world
   is silent
don't wish
beds become harder
floors become softer
but it’s really all the same
my eyes are swollen
puffy, half open
all the time
all the same
windows to the soul
fogged up from too many people
rubbing and running
their hands all over
what’s not theirs to touch
and they don’t even realize
absentmindedly touching
not just breaking
leaves glass
shards in my throat

— The End —