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  Jul 2019 Lot
will i ever be anybody's whole?
the one they travel with,
love, cuddle, hug, and cry with.

i guess ive just never been that kind of girl.
  Jul 2019 Lot
Alex Teng
Used to have that motivation to wake up,
For the day to shine,
And for me to see you smile,
Now it's just back to mundane,
To the usual day to day life.
  Jul 2019 Lot
don't compare yourself to others
don't cut back to try to fit
no one knows what they are doing
everybody's wingin' it
out here surviving, just like you
  Jul 2019 Lot
I'm closing my eyes
And I'm trying to believe
That for once I am changing
Climbing back out of my grave

But, though the fog is fading,
I know what lies beneath.
Under smiles and laughter
So many tears and this disease

I'm sure there's no cure
So I don't wanna hurt you, too
Because the day it comes back
I'll fall away from you
Lot Jul 2019
I need someone to hold me near when things inside get too austere.

But, who would want to fill that role when I for one am much too cold?

Some have tried to fix this hole, but all have ended up in my stranglehold.

It seems that the gods enjoy quiet malice when looking down on my calloused gladness.

Why do I seek out love and life, when I tend to cut them loose with a carving knife?

What better way to spend my free time than with rhyming and cursing the time and what's mine.
  Jun 2019 Lot
Kelly McManus
Poetry warns you
but you only heed the voice
of stupidity
                         Kelly McManus
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