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Alfa Aug 28
I fantasize about touching my thighs to your lips
when you whisper sing in my ear-
softly letting your hand dance on my back
while we lay in your bed listening to
2009 rock.
Alfa Aug 22
I feel more alive when I'm with you-
speak to me through your sweet tongue-
     of memories past where we thought of making love.
Alfa Aug 21
you're moving away and i didn't get to say i still wonder what you wanted to tell me when your eyes begged me to stay after a long night where i felt i was home

tell me before you leave how much you love me and i'll-
Alfa Aug 7
two simple words that made me cry.
Alfa Jul 21
i cant make the right decisions with the demons whispering in my ear
i cant choose a or b cause id destroy myself
if i mute the world from screaming, i can't hear myself
if i clean my thoughts with clorox i cant sort it out, so
let me know the right answers so i can figure it all out
Alfa Jul 10
im t i r e d of being STRONG
please catch me when i f
Alfa Jul 9
i love you-
i wish we had a future together.

im just selfish.
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