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Alfa Dec 2018
You help me reach the full feeling of ecstasy
with rusted chained locked lips waiting to be freed.

Tell me quickly before they find out,
tell me softly the four lettered word,

Let time stand still before your trembling lips,
and let us fill each others hollowed bodies with our former sorrows.
I wanted this poem to feel like anticipation, like words that were never spoken and like you're rushing someone to say something, but they just don't tell you in time, so then the thought sticks in the air... forever.
Alfa Nov 2018
Empty the sea water into my veins,
discard your ice on my worn body,
give me up against the tides,
cast me away so no one finds me,
and if they try all they’ll find is an abandoned body.
how it feels to drown
Alfa Oct 2018
                                    from my mummified state, and lift me from the grave I dug, don't depend on me anymore to continue beating myself up
                                         i want to feel alive again
I feel like myself when I write poetry, when a lot of the time I used to feel pretty numb inside. Thank you for that.
Alfa Oct 2018
your last dying words release from tight lips slowly letting go of the fist from my shirt,
                                                                             it sounds like freedom.
Alfa Oct 2018
Warm sauce
as hot as my blood
splattered all over the floor.

Spit out,
puked up,
you slammed my head on the floor.

Mop up or eat it.
You used my mopped head to clean it.

Ever since then, I couldn't eat spaghetti again.
Alfa Oct 2018
A tip for you,
A rent for me.
Alfa Oct 2018
A circular poem about the corrupt cafeteria system I used to work in. "Don't improve the system" refers to the corrupt system we had in place. "They'll reject our own mistakes" refers to if we put a new system in place, it'll be rejected by students, so there's nothing to do- either way we were *******, and everything continues to rotate just as the dishroom trays did.
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