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I'll know I'm in love
when the time spent with them
is better than the time spent alone.
how introverts fall in love
silentwoods Jul 2
don't compare yourself to others
don't cut back to try to fit
no one knows what they are doing
everybody's wingin' it
out here surviving, just like you
  Jul 2 silentwoods
Soul Deep
You coward! hiding behind numb comfort
Status quo and archaic chains
Never free and it won't save you
You cower! as bottomless emotions wash over
You wait for the placid, stale air to settle
If not for the fear, I wonder if you would fight
For everything that should be
Fight for everything that could be
For the greatest
For the true
silentwoods Jul 2
it's not
the fear
that stunts
your growth,
it's the
the stream is a breeze of
blue stars, layered in sweet
melancholy, layered in
sadness and love.

the world revolves like
a wheel, burgeons like
a flower, weeps like a
sorrowful cloud.

i yearn for you, down
misty lanes and dreams of
dark seas, fall until
i can no longer fall,

fall until our love blossoms
and our hearts cry out.
i'm sorry if i have not returned a comment it is really down to time and trying to find the right balance in my life between poetry and loved ones.
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