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silentwoods Jul 2020
how can I sit still when the world
just outside my window is
bending, twisting,
shedding its skin in a beautiful array of colors;
becoming more alive
with each passing moment...?
i long to be a part of its every sunrise and sunset,
to explore the depth of each mountain, to fill my lungs with its crisp, fresh air,
and to dance on its
soft green carpet
with my head turned up
to meet the rain.
silentwoods Apr 2020
my branch bends
with the weight of
ripe fruit
and my basket is empty.
silentwoods Feb 2020
when you perceive God's grace,
you simultaneously uncover
it's reward: flawless,
untainted Love
and the moment you begin
to understand the substance of it,
you can't help but
cease resisting the current
and allowing grace
to pull you to the surface
where you can float
in perfect peace
silentwoods Feb 2020
the sun is a warm
blanket draped across
your shoulders

you pedal faster
letting the salty wind
break on your face

the boardwalk
stretches for miles
and you catch sight
of him, pedaling ahead,
a red blur against
endless blue

he stops and looks
back over his shoulder,
waiting for you
to close the distance

and as you pull up beside
him, your hair
tangled, your heart racing,
you smile
because you're
  Dec 2019 silentwoods
Jack Jenkins
She danced on the rooftops with the moon to her back
Proud and shining on her elegant ballet
Whisps of fog entwined her shadowed figure
As she glided backwards with her final bourree, into the night
A secluded heart now followed her everglow light
//On love//

Bourree is that very quick tiptoe ballet move.
silentwoods Dec 2019
the difference between seeking to find me and seeking to stumble into me is the guarantee of only one of those.
silentwoods Dec 2019
solitude is a peculiar thing, for it is both freeing and bounding.
how can one be imprisoned by their own solitude?
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