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Remus Jul 2014
You asked me if I loved you.
I didn't know how to reply
seeing that I don't know
what love is just yet.

You told me that you loved me
so I should love you back
and I don't think that's how it

You told me that you
accepted me,
that no one else would
that I would be alone
without you.

Just because you accepted someone
does not mean you love them
because if it did then I would
love so many people.
And I know others accept me,
that I won't be alone if you

But let me ask you something.
How was I,
a sad little girl,
supposed to love you
when she couldn't
even love
Remus Jun 2014
I made a mistake last year
letting you go.
I let you say goodbye
and I keep trying to
convince you that you
still like me.

But no matter how hard I try you
don't like me.
You want me to stop being so
pathetic and for me to get a

If I'm so pathetic why be my friend?
Your friends all dislike me
is that why you keep telling me no?
Maybe it's because I made the
mistake when I was 11 and
broke up with you after
your family had an incident?

It doesn't matter since I've
told you why I like you
and why you should like me
but you like another.
She lives in Japan since her father
got stationed there.
You said you might love her
but she told you she could never
like you like you like her.

So I don't get how you call me
pathetic and I'm not allowed
to do the same to you.

— The End —