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But it is an Easter
Heather Jun 13
And even though I don’t want to be hurt
I sunk my teeth into your flesh
Let your nectar fill my mouth and dribble down my chin.
Im hooked at first taste
Happy Pride
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
She's spent all the rent on
cigarettes and cider,
so pull out your **** and put
it inside her.
No need to bring your polished game,
for this one's a **** and that
is her name.
In her **** or up her ***.
The choice is yours,
where d'ya wanna ***?
Say "You ******' ****, get down on all fours, 'cause this is how I **** little ******!
Impale her on your hardened stick and explode inside her, creamy and thick.
Bangin' her *******,
it used to be tight.
It's not anymore,
it gets wider each night.
Then when you're done,
wipe the rest up her back,
letting her know most got
shot up her crack.
Next week she'll be suckin',
an appetizer before ******'
This **** she don't care,
for a TGirl with red hair.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Just a creative imagination, I guess.
Evan E Sep 2017
I guarantee that before we're done, I will make you scream,
Hit he gas, doggy pound your ***, and fill your ***** with cream.
I'll lay on my back, you'll sit on my ****, yeah I'll give you a whirl,
I'll pull you in tight, pound with all my might, and whisper "you're my ***** girl"
I'll have you kneel and Grab your face, you will be ******* my ****,
My homemade mace, I'll *** on your face, and you'll give it a cleaning lick.
I have to admit, it feels so great, when you play with my ****,
Your **** have major mass, my ***** back in your ***, because it's so ******* thick.
And when we're done, we've had our fun, and now it's time to rest,
We'll slow down the pace, you'll sit on my face, and I'll show you who's the best <3

— The End —