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Breeze-Mist Aug 2018
Who would have thought that
I'd find myself sitting here
Out of all places

Staring down the lights
As they pass overhead and
I do not feign sleep

Listening to songs
Night and morning hours blurred
Not caring who hears

Thinking that I could
Possibly have it in me
To miss this rat race

With that lofty goal
Of my past six years of life
Only five days out
Only five days until I move in, and for the first time I'm not sure I'm ready.
I was ******* this place before, and I have little intention of taking most of it back (except for the really out there outbursts and moments), but I think, for the first time in seven moves, I'm nervous about leaving a place I've felt trapped in. Maybe I'm just nervous about the change.

— The End —