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Niel John Ortizo Dec 2019
Was I demanding so much?
So much that you need to break my heart.
Is it really necessary?
Necessary to cut me off so suddenly.
And you didn't want me to wait,
To wait for the day that you're finally ready.
It was all because you are afraid,
You are afraid that you will hurt me more.
But I wont let you go,
I will never, even if it hurts me more than today.
Because I am so in love with you,
That I'm willing to bear this pain of the wait.
Even if you change your mind,
Even if you will not choose me in the end,
Even if you push me away again and again.
I will wait my love,
I will for you until the end.
Niel John Ortizo Jun 2018
I am but a flickering light,
A reflection of abandoned dreams and broken heart.
Will I cease to exist tonight?
A lost cause that will never be saved?
Showing a facade of the brave but all torn up and weary,
A husk of the former glory,
A dreary scene till the end,
In my dying embers I dream,
A dream full of love and happiness,
A contrast to my loneliness,
Abandoned till the end.
Niel John Ortizo Aug 2017
Love really do comes in strange ways
Sometimes it can be a song
A gift
A letter
A pet
A dream
A poem
But where does it comes from?
The singer?
The giver?
The writer?
The owner?
The dreamer?
Or me?
A poet who sings for love
A poet who gives for love
A poet who writes for love
A poet who cares for love
A poet who dreams for love
A poet who lust for love
The love that's hard to find
The love that's worth it
The love that's encouraging
The love that's full of hue
The love that's true
The love that's only you
So how do I find this strange ways?
These strange ways that leads to you?
Niel John Ortizo Aug 2017
Ilang ulit ko ba dapat sabihin?
Ilang ulit ko ba dapat aminin?
Na mahal kita
Minamahal parin kita
Kahit walang tayo
Patuloy na umaasa
Patuloy na nagbabaga
Ang aking pag-ibig
Ang aking puso
Taimtim na nananalig
Taimtim na humihiling
Na magbukas ang iyong puso
Na magkaroon narin ng tayo
Sa ating mga salita
Sa ating mga gawa
Nagpapakitang tayo ay masaya
Nagpapakitang tayo ay maligaya
Sa piling ng bawat isa
Sa piling ng ating mahal
Kaya may itatanong lng ako sayo
Ilang ulit ko ba dapat sungkitin ang mga tala?
Ilang ulit ko ba dapat sabihin sa iyo na...
Mahal kita
Minamahal kita
Patawarin mo sana pagkat ako'y umaasa
Patawarin mo sana pagkat ako'y nananaginip
Na matanggap mo mga sinasabi ko
Na matanggap mo ang pag-ibig ko
Na matanggap ng puso mo ang puso ko
Kaya mahal ko paumanhin
Nandito lng ako nag-aantay sayo.
Niel John Ortizo Aug 2017
A pursuit of truth,
From the happiness of my youth,
To a never ending cycle of pain,
To the love I never gain.

A pursuit of light,
From the sun shining so bright,
To the darkest time of my day,
To the moon who never play.

A pursuit of you,
From a love who is ever been true,
To a heart broken in two,
To a love story with no me and you.
Niel John Ortizo Jun 2017
When all is lost,
Thou shall find,
The answers foretold,
Filled with ire,
Receive with glee,
All you loathe,
For the power awakens,
To fulfill its oath,
One question,
One reply,
For the cause is "I",
And effect is "you",
Will you bask in beauty,
Or abandon youth?
Will you live with fortune,
Or be destitute?
Come my child,
Ask and receive,
Tell me the price of your life.
Niel John Ortizo Jun 2017
A phantom of solitude
A lone soldier of fortune
A wanderer on the sole path
A destiny for the lonely

Bound by shackles of loneliness
Bound by obsessions for fortune
Bound by struggles of the only path
Bound by future that I hate

Will there be a saviour?
Will there be a comrade?
Will there be a new path?
Or is it really predistined?
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