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The Ripper Nov 2016
The mask
              I vvear
is there
              for good
it's not
              a gimmick

it's vvho I am
I take apart
to put together

the things
   you don't
have time
to chore
The Ripper Nov 2016
These arms
  are yours
to break,
So steal me
in the clench
of your teeth.
Lull me into your *******;
make me your little
**** ***.
to connect,
release your
blackest sunset;
Let us not forget
one another.

in your
I'm eternally
&& Grateful.
The Ripper Nov 2016
VVe vvrite words
to fill in the emptiness
as if they vvere concrete patches
for neglected sidevvalks
that nobody vvalks on
Carry on
D A R K  poets
Toss that alphabet
tovvards my shovel
let me bury it
The Ripper Nov 2016
of a Black Mass;
Deathstar v2.0.
Set forth another
a pile of earth
still yearns for
a second passing.
A void that turns
me on;
a void that turns
on me,
vvhy avoid the meat
vvhy such antipathy?
Embrace dust's *******;
rotting feet look good in shoes,
just as any,
just sayin'.
The Ripper Nov 2016
A sheppard hangs like a T
pierced in the sun  
ablating all condemnation
  as Pilot sits safely vvhile eating grapes
The people get vvhat they vvant
  not knovving vvhy they need it
&& a father vvelcomes home
    a son

Aren't people great,
vvhat is our $um?
The Ripper Nov 2016
****** of juggernaut
  impedance of a
     baby Jesus
Fingernails on
       My back
like climbing up
a broken staircase
in my memory
  a meat market
for you
any cut you vvant
like algebra
   a chalkboard
There are many
to traverse
  then tumble
until the last
of our fluid
escapes the chaos
of our hands
The Ripper Oct 2016
I have a friend
He drives a truck for a living
He is someone vvho I've never met
One that I trust and trusts me
He has my home address
Sometimes I imagine him to be a truck driving serial killer
Not sure vvhy that turns me on
Every time I come across one of his photos
I save it
I revievv them often at night
vvhile lying in bed
I knovv it sounds vveird but so ******* vvhat!
He's avvesome
Like vvhen the sun crests over my messes
I have a friend
&& in my head he kills you
The Ripper Oct 2016
I've hollovved out a hallovv realm;
vvhere only boneships sail,
vvielding verbs of vengeance;
My vvords float on flesh.
Searing eyes & stripping life;
A dark Knight sheds light as if death,
Such a delicious julienne of humanity;
I am
The Ripper.
The Ripper Oct 2016
midnight appendages
   of unremitting venture
for a taste of the vivacity
inside your nectaries
Avvaiting a return
upon desire
The Ripper Aug 2016
I follow you into the night
a black crovv in flight
this Machete in my hand
to slash at vvhat I please
if you scream
I vvill enjoy it


Please, do scream, LOUDER
as I take your body
&& divide it
to make pop art party gifts
for my dinner guests


Teeth, vve like them the best
they shine just right on fishing line
reminding me of a childhood
that I once had, it vvas mine
long   l  o  n  g   ago
it vvas stolen
they made me become
vvho the Ripper is
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