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Pauline Morris Aug 2016
You walk with purpose down my street
Thought you wanted to taste all my sweets
Like every other man I meet
That on their wife they want to cheat

You choose me, why I do not know
But on me you did bestow
Your surgically sharp knife leave rivers that flows

Me, you saw fit to disembowell
All that was heard was my painful howl
You ****** that knife into my gut
Made a smooth quick upper cut

I watched my intestines hit the floor
You calmly walked right out the door
I was left with the messy gore
Waves of panic hit my minds shore

As the realization that my life was over
No more looking for that four leaf clover
Nothing mattered any more
This act of yours I do deplore

I grab my body's innards, to shove them back
But didn't seem to have the knack
Such a sad way to end my life
By the blade of Jacks shiny knife
The Ripper Jul 2016
Recline back
   Access port
      Heprin dravv
         Saline flush  
      Hang the bag
Connect the line
Fluids in
VVait some time

    Zangy ****
       Dr. death
          **** your face
             One smug *****
The Ripper Jun 2016
It's a Black horse
You can't deny it
Pins you real good
It's so quiet
Gaining Kingdom
Prime lymph node real estate
Late night cold shakes
Tried to hide it

It's a Black horse
Novv let's ride it
Beast is tiring
As it's striding
Losing Kingdom
Bring the chemo
&& **** this black horse
The Ripper May 2016
This mask, the embodiment of humanity's edge; vvhere Poe resides
&& serial killers thrive.
They are my shadovv, cast upon concrete; I am their pulse:


Not an X-ray can find
that loose thread to be pulled,
it can't be seen!
I just knovv it's there; like the tickle in the depth of my lung,
setting boundaries:
to be broken,
  break me:
like darkness; vvhere bone decays into new life.
Marry my depravity,
    merry: my curiosity,
       take me as I am;
         leave me as you are.
The Ripper May 2016
Inside: rot,
      outside: youth,
                        a black heart;
                              beating just for you.
          You love the man
          under the mask;
           that ghost vvhom nobody else knovvs.
This front rovv seat to the cogs:
I trust you in degrees,
that leave me exposed to your fancies.
Cut me open; non gingerly,
The Ripper May 2016
We yield for funeral processions;
not for the living,
skulls and bones;
sells just as much as *** these days.
Our shiny teeth;
buried in the fruit to our gums,
vve glorify this dovvnfall:
The Ripper May 2016
Black silence
creeping in
no one knevv
till the nevvs
a reverberating shock
buckling bones
& shaking stones
to their core
this midnight slasher
of human fold
just might be human too
after all
The Ripper Apr 2016
Part me like a Christian sea
resect the vvorst of me
extend my breath
these vvords
to speak
to spill
to see
this modern day Job
I vvrithe under
your knife
The Ripper Apr 2016
                               ­  vv
a glimmering surface
nor eye vvill peek upon

lip locked by token
a black ketch lies splintered
avvaiting *for you

to redeem it
so redeem it!
You dropped the anchor 6212017
The Ripper Apr 2016
Bleek jockey *****;
Death is nevv life,
a ride upon a Black horse.
An ill-omened trot;
bring forth Avvakening,
no time to stall.
Most of my poetry has been a foretelling, to knovv the future is pain.
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