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Sav Apr 16
The moon changes it's shape to please your eye.

I know you won't believe it.

Even if the moon is eclipsed or out of sight, it will change it's shape to suit you right.

Stand under it, right now.

Even if you can't see her she's there.

And when she appears looking broken and uncompleted, in your eyes it will change to a perfect sphere.

Just for you.

So pay attention to that, and appreciate her for all that she is.

Because for you she would change her entire shape, just to please you.

The moon always hangs in the sky.
Justine Helgren Mar 2018
I'm getting used to not sleeping again.
Their voices, they ring inside my head.
It's getting harder to breathe again.
Each day, it fills me with dread.
Marina Jan 2018
to this day i have many questions
to this day i am still looking for love,
i know it will not be long for me to realize i will have my questions answered
but pessimistic thoughts still haunt me
i do not want to come to this but i am feeling numb
my one mindset is on the people who love and appreciate me
not for looks, just me

i always thought love was silly
but it can do so much more than feeling things
every day i tell myself 2 things
1. ill find love some day
2. the future is unsure of itself
but i tend to have this unforgettable thought of her
but i know i will move on one way or another
but just this once i want to feel loved one last time
Reagan May 2017
Equality, Art, Doom
I feel like nature and humanity are interconnected
Fairness, isolation, and kindness are important to me
Only true love is in your head.
Isolation can be bad, but it's needed sometimes
I'm ready for the end.
Only Damien can heal my pain.
I want to be free
We lost each other
In the midst of our feelings.
The time we spent in these orbits,
Around one another,
Looking, grasping, almost touching,
Was it all lost time?
Oh, love of mine.
We collided at the seams of our hearts,
The oceans flooded with the words that poured out of my mind.
But we weren't meant to be.
We were different planets.
And floating aimlessly
Through infinity.
My head was pounding
as my fingers trembled
the loud thump of my heart against my chest
threatening to crash through my lungs
when you looked in my eyes
all you saw was the maroon of my fustration
and the black of my sorrow
i lie in a bed of warmth
my face buried in a blanket
the tears from my sorrow absorbed in empty heat
the moisture flowing like a waterfall
at the thought of the fear
the fear of never moving
the fear of never loving
the fear of never being happy
I told you I wanted to be happy
and this is what you said
I will be your happiness
and you were
It's so cold, so very cold
yet it burns when met with skin
In this city winters are like falls
but this year winter is like winter
With the snow floating in the air
so beautiful
reminds me of march
in the pass when we would
play throwing snow
it was like there was only two people
yet hundreds were watching
and your green eyes sparkling with mischief
my dull brown eyes covered in adoration
Now, this snow is just snow
covering streets and roofs
lying there colored white
looks a lot like march
but things are missing
like you and your green eyes
and me and my adoration
looks a lot like the past
but I'm missing your navy blue sweater
All of this reminds me of how we can miss thing but
*Never  really want them back
You should be able to touch the shadows
Without losing yourself in them
You should line the edges in white marker so you don't miss it
The insistence of darkness and the pervasive
Void in your heart, just listen
When she told you, you were the only hope
The only witness left
Girls like her don't lie
Don't want for your confusion
They are the leaders
She could have been the matriarch
If she had a few more years to heal
But she embraced the shadows at the foot of the bed
Not even able to scream
It's okay, it's perfect, she's in the arms of her first love
Not able to breathe
Here you are, the years lined on your eyes
And between your fingertips
Cradling the difference in the shades
The lightness you can't bear to be
Justice for your wrongs
You try and find yourself no less a creature
You missed the transformation! You're a monster now!
You feel sickness
It's in all of your bones and blood and nobody
Will dare relieve you of the ache
No amount of distance changed anything
And he was the last hope you had
So you killed each other and you lived together
But not even shared bloodshed
Could heal the mess you made
Between your birth and the disaster you braved
I hate this but i'm keeping it up for nostalgia's sake. maybe i won't hate it when i'm 80 please don't judge me
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