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Dark Jewel Jan 2015
One day I sat by a stream,
The water still.
Like a mirror.

Seeing my reflection,
Reveling in my beauty.
Though it was only a mask.

Everyday I hide true feelings,
Unknown to those I love.
I fear for its surface,
The claws like daggers,
To my throat.

Gazing into the water,
I can see my face.
Eyes of Ashure haze.

From Right to Left,
Two completely different people.
Stare back at me.

What was once beautiful,
Is now hideous.
Beyond comparison.

By the mask.
Known as *"Torn.."
To those who know this feeling. What do you hide from your family everyday? What do you hide from your mate to be or a temporary fling? Can a mask truly hide these feelings?

— The End —