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Anza Dec 2018
My heart is always somewhere ,thinking about you ,drinking or crushing ****
Your love was planted in my heart and  grew from a healthy seed ,I can't even cut it
It's almost sounding like a suaside note
Apparently my soul is moving out of my body it alredy started packing
Between us what was missing?
It got me thinking that being perfect needs a practice too but nobody ever get that skill

I always claimed to be OK when you're away ,but a few minutes without you my life felt like *******
I spent time chasing you n you took time rejecting me
What's the meaning of love?or I just pushed you till you had enough?

Deeply it's bruising me ,it got me thinking, weren't we perfect for each other? Or we can't help hurting each other
I remember the day you introduced me to your brother and honestly to me you almost Like a mother
The sounds when a heart breaks ,I almost felt like I got a melting face
I break down almost everyday ,it feels like I got a price to pay
In the theatre you removed my play

What drives pain away ?
The way I feel is no longer your burden, all alone I'll be walking
Winds will blind my eyes ,your words always  breaks my heart
Playing your sweet games and I always fall when you're lonely
It makes my heart ache
I wish you all the best
It's crazy how I sing alone ,always your name in every bar
I'm done playing pretending this is the real me
Amitav Radiance Apr 2015
Words pull your mind
In different directions
Brilliantly adorned
Yet lacking soul
Words are distractions
To true feelings
Vociferous and audible
Sounds too hollow
Gives in under anxiety
Weighs on minds
Graceful distortions
Veneer of meanings
Expresses everything
Except the truth
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
Words may be a hindrance
Forming hard crust over feelings
You wanted to convey
At the core of those words
The true meaning is lost forever
At times, when words don’t suffice
Pure and raw feelings are more potent
There are many miles traversed
Between the feelings and the words
Somewhere, the line is drawn inadvertently
Hurdles imaginary are the toughest ones
Endless numbers of words do not right
The wrongs meted out to the true feelings
Heart will wither away, if not revived
At the avenue where words are shunned
It’s where hearts shall meet, without prejudice
Not weighed down by the frills of words
Life is embellished with silence
When hearts do the talking, sans the words
Dark Jewel Jan 2015
One day I sat by a stream,
The water still.
Like a mirror.

Seeing my reflection,
Reveling in my beauty.
Though it was only a mask.

Everyday I hide true feelings,
Unknown to those I love.
I fear for its surface,
The claws like daggers,
To my throat.

Gazing into the water,
I can see my face.
Eyes of Ashure haze.

From Right to Left,
Two completely different people.
Stare back at me.

What was once beautiful,
Is now hideous.
Beyond comparison.

By the mask.
Known as *"Torn.."
To those who know this feeling. What do you hide from your family everyday? What do you hide from your mate to be or a temporary fling? Can a mask truly hide these feelings?
Afrodita Nestor Jul 2014
The first day, the beginning
when two lovers play the first inning
when the stomach butterflies and
the joy that in us lies
never let go of the blue skies
When the world is flat and green
and has beauties never seen
When we all are kings and queens
and live in our dreams
only then our love begins
Copyright Afrodita Nestor
Victoria Tran Jun 2014
I am
At the point where
I can’t even cry now
I just get a heart wrenching pain
It hurts
being hurt multiple times feeling like as if your love life was set on replay

— The End —