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Dark Jewel Jan 2015
One day I sat by a stream,
The water still.
Like a mirror.

Seeing my reflection,
Reveling in my beauty.
Though it was only a mask.

Everyday I hide true feelings,
Unknown to those I love.
I fear for its surface,
The claws like daggers,
To my throat.

Gazing into the water,
I can see my face.
Eyes of Ashure haze.

From Right to Left,
Two completely different people.
Stare back at me.

What was once beautiful,
Is now hideous.
Beyond comparison.

By the mask.
Known as *"Torn.."
To those who know this feeling. What do you hide from your family everyday? What do you hide from your mate to be or a temporary fling? Can a mask truly hide these feelings?
Dark Jewel Sep 2014
Glowing white,
In the  ebony  sky.
It's face smiles.

It's scars,
Visible by the naked eye.
All creatures stare to the sky.

Howling winds,

The masters of the woods,
Look to thy moon.
Craving it's power,
That adrenaline.

Wolves of Color,
Alpha of Black,
Omega of *White

Thy pack howls,
Thundering through the forest.
All creatures run,
Caressing the hand of death.

One Beta stands out,
With eyes of ashure.
Fur of mane.

She who stands out,
Challenges the enemy.
Silver lines of worthy,
Claws of a lion.

Thy Beta wolf.
Stands mighty.

She is without pups,
Without love.

The wolf,
Almost Archaic,
To the family.

She walk's alone,
Under the pale-faced moon.
Searching for hope,
Of finding love soon..

— The End —