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Juvia Cecilia May 2017
I want you to be happy but why does it hurt so much to see you happy with someone else
It hurts seeing you look at her with loving eyes because I know you'll never look at me the same way.
Those looks, smiles and touches will never be mine because I'm just the friend on the side line
It ***** because I know we'll never be more then just friends.
Chano Williams Apr 2014
She was always saught after
by the other guys,
with her long, dark hair
and beautifully dark eyes
They were always checkin' out
her wide hips and lean thighs
Everything about her body
was just at that right size,
but, to her life,
all those guys were inferior
All they cared about
was checkin' out her exterior,
but I became superior
by checkin' out her interior
Once I saw how she was
I had no more fear of her
Once I got into her brain
I saw a personality
She was smart, funny, polite,
full of originality
Not long after that
we became good friends,
but every chance that I got
the rules I would bend
I had strong feelings for her,
but did she have the same for me?
Was I even prepared
for the pain she could bring?
I'll never know
because I'm too shy to ask,
but I'm happy being her friend
for as long as it'll last
High school poem

— The End —