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And this is why I’m hanging from the ceiling
I’m hanging from the ceiling
To stop this feeling
Quietly and with no mess
Clean and with your favorite dress

So maybe you could feel
Maybe feel the blood in my veins
To make you remember
That you made me an object
An object
While I was a body
Full of joy and faith
Nicole Jun 2019
In just one moment

Her inner soul was shattered and broken

Never to be the same

Her option of control was taken

In just one moment

She stares at her reflection

It's so distorted and spiraled like a black hole

She brings her hand to her face

Barely able to stand the touch of her own flesh

So foreign

In just one moment

She Never wants to go back to all those night

But feels impossible when it replays everyday

All her thoughts

Please someone take it away

For just one moment

She tries to change her ways

The ways to cope

To breathe

To live

But always turns to the eating disorder thats always by her side

And the blade that cuts her flesh

Like it was never a second thought

In just one moment

Can somene please help her find her way

Give her a chance to just live

And be Free


For just one moment
Nicole Jun 2019

She was broken and cracked
Innocence gone
He stole everything
She said no but he couldnt resist the urge
He pinned her
Attacked her
She didnt have a chance
He stole what wasnt his
He was supposed to be the protecter instead he was a monster
She tried to fight back
Instead she couldnt
She curled into a ball
Denying what just happened
She lost herself
No power over him
Instead a lost little girl afraid to tell
She was broken
She was shattered

— The End —