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It’s the way my heart feels calm with the sound of the rain and the way my eyes light up when I’ve seen something like pink skies. It’s the same thing when I look at you, with my eyes wide open and my heart beating fast. I look at you with silent wonderment and I would ask myself “what did I do to deserve you?” You fill me up with admiration and just like the rain and the sky combined, you will always have a very special place deep down in my heart.
dianne galande Jun 2018
What comes to mind when ‘gender’ is heard?
Male, female, and queer.
Gender issues; gender inequality.
“According to millennials”
One of the world’s most serious problem.
I admit to know not much about discrimination,
But I have a say according to my perception.

Adam is superior, Eve is submissive
Patriarchal than matriarchal.
“Women” receive and are perceived lower.
Why is that?
It’s pointless to throw discrimination back and forth
Physical capabilities.
All are unique to body structures,
Both can either be short or tall,
And both can either be weak or strong.
But both can’t have the same *******;
One can bear, the other cannot.
But he can’t be she and she can’t be he?
That’s a different story.

Talk about stereotypes
She are *** symbols and he are not
He are rapists and she are not
Focused too much on two gender distinctions.
Talk about rights
All are humans who can walk and talk
All are humans who can eat and breathe
All are humans who can think and feel.

What’s it about?
Just gender identity.
He who is a she
Can think and act as a she
She who is a he
Can think and act as a he
He or she who is both or questioning
Can think and act as they please
All are still humans.
What’s wrong? Society.

But we can’t impose
Some are against
Some support
Some are neutral
Some don’t know.
What can we do? It’s up to you.
But you’re in no position
To give such decision.
The society
A poem requirement for my Literature. I honestly don't know much about gender equality, so I apologize if this poem ******.
Harshit Chopra Sep 2014
The last year ,
And we'r here .
The teachers cared ,
But we feared ....
The school has the layers,
But we'r the players ...
Just keep the memories
And eat eclairs .. :)
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— The End —