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Sonkei Ichimaru Oct 2014
• Sometimes you need to discard the complex and return to the basic… how you’ll be amazed to find the answer there!

• Don’t seek truth where there isn’t, otherwise you will spend time on things of no value.

• Do not ignore that which nags your heart, solve it, and peace and happiness will quickly spring out.

• It is true, the path of goodness requires sacrifice, and thus your willingness to sacrifice reveals your desire for goodness.

• [To those who are perishing, this is useless (but can be life-giving)] The recent conviction in your heart is a sign that ‘Hashem’ calls you… If you have ears may you have heard! No more will I continue with this…

• The rich man tries to ignore it, but the soul of a man shall live forever and ever and ever. He has chosen where it shall be but he may, and I hope he does, misplace it.

• Man runs to anger or loneliness for security, but he knows not that this is the highest pride, where you even deceive your own heart.

• Your repulsion towards him or her is not because they are wicked; they simply bring forth emotions that compromise your security.

• The desire of the past is the regret of the present and hope of a better future.

• To be a limited being distresses and therefore man ignores He who is unlimited, out of envy to fulfill [such] wretched desires.

• The realities of the world are pitiful, how painful they are!

• Love conquers all, even will-power bows to it.

• Now I know why the father of lies [and sin] is called a snake, how sin [and its condemnation] wraps itself around you.

• Beware of that sin that lingers, for soon you will tolerate it and it will send you to the abyss.

• The beginning of exceptions is the wind up of [progress and] stability.

• The urgency unseen leads to the vanishing of dreams.

• Sometimes the silence speaks better than words and the wind comforts better than a friend.

• There comes a time when a theory must be put into practice, where the [false] security it gave you will escape as water through ones fingers, and only its execution will set you free…

• Maturity is a river which like the Mississippi, disallows retreat.

• In the quest (or desire) to move forward, the former must be broken, that greatness may emerge.

• A woman’s weakness is her strength

• A woman’s weakness is her strength, and no man can deny a woman’s strength.

• Here’s a teaching; never cut in line as you wait in that test of patience. To cut in line is to insult all those who are behind you.

• Ignorance is not bliss, even when [the] reality is painful.

• Don’t look for faults, for in this fallen world you’ll always find them.

• The needs of a man are not physical, but spiritual.

• What is [the power of] hope? It is the reason to continue fighting.

• Beauty does not equal value or worth.

• Love is not a sign of weakness, but of strength, for not all are willing to humble themselves to it, or Him.

• You many never understand what this means, but perfection is liberated.

• There are three stars that all nations seek to achieve… These are: freedom, honor and prosperity.

• Humility will give you a name, a name the Most High will give to you.
• When the clouds cover the sky, and darkness falls upon the land, it doesn’t alter the fact that the sun is still shining. Again, regardless of the circumstances that may engulf your capability, the Son still shines.

• No one understands… It’s not that they can’t, but they can’t.

• Do not grab the bull by its horns, it will dislocate your arms and trample you down. Invest in a gun rather and shoot it from a distance.

• Words have the power to hurt more than sticks and stones. They have the power to wound and dislocate the soul.
(My best is, "Sometimes the silence speaks better than words, and the truth comforts better than a friend"

Shamas Hereth Sep 2014
Never* judge a book by its cover,
but *always
a man by his penmanship.
Love Aug 2014
"Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding"*

I consider myself a rational person
And as the label mentions
A rational person
I tend to get confused
The state of mind over matter
And question existence
And panic.
Thoughts invade
And rule
My every member.
But within my panic
I stop
And pick up a book
And turn to
And like that
My mind rationalizes
In my saviors arms.
Tryst Jul 2014
An apple a day keeps the Doctor away,
Especially if you aim at his head;

All is well that ends well,
Unless you are Johnny Flynn's cat;

Curiosity killed the cat?
Johnny Flynn receives a full pardon!

Always let sleeping dogs lie,
Wherever they like on the bed;

Dead men tell no tales,
But they are prone to lie;

Never look a gift horse in the mouth,
But do remember to count it's legs;

Never trust a Greek bearing gifts,
Unless it's a suspiciously large wooden horse (see previous rule);

Laughter is the best medicine,
Unless you have antibiotics;

Always look before you leap,
If you want to hit the right piano keys;

The apple never falls far from the tree,
Unless the tree overhangs a canyon;

The pen is mightier than the sword,
Unless you are in a sword fight;
Esteban D Pitre Apr 2014
A lovely woman comes suddenly in sight;
Her lively eyes, full and black, cheeks
Brown and bright like the day; a tunic of red,
And a pure countenance that made him obey.
She speaks in gentle tones, in words like sweet honey,
From a mouth smoother than oil.

She sat down next to him, legs stretched out in sight,
Eyes agape to the wall opposite of them.
She pretends not to notice the man.
She orders a drink, “Jack and Coke, Double-Tall please.”

Amazed by her beauty, “What is your name?” He asks.
“Where have you come from?”

Like smooth butter, she speaks, “Lie with me,
And you will know the secrets of my heart.”
With soft enticing speech, her words became like
Drawn swords.
She made him forget his loneliness.
With Pleasures only to let borrow, he forgets
His sadness, his sorrow.

Her lips were full, soft and wet,
Pressed against the man, sparking
Wicked thoughts as they went.
Deeper it gets, stroking
The man’s fire, lighting him up,
With much intense desire.

She was a lion hidden in tall grass,
Ready and waiting.

Like a moth to a flame,
He did not know that she would cost him his life.
From Proverbs 7

— The End —