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ConnectHook Aug 2018
Leftist poetry *****.
I don't want to behold your innards.
I don't want to be forced to view your organs.
I couldn't care less
about your perverted sexuality
or your identity grievances.
Your biological and socioeconomic reality
is dull beyond all conception.
Your unpunctuated free verse
is insult added to injury
and displays
your hatred of Liberty.
Your merely materialist analyses bore me.
There is no excuse for you.
You abhor all that is RIGHT.
You hate GOD, FAMILY, and GENDER.

You also hate the Lord Jesus Christ.
Therefore you, in your rebellion against Divine Order
are DOOMED and ******

however . . . I will continue
to pray
for your sorry ***
Gosh ****, I sure do hope you LIKE my lil' POEM

Whatever you do, do NOT look into opposing viewpoints,
since you might have to shift your pathetic paradigm.
Income is an intangible,
Taxes are an intangible,
Neither exists right now,
Only the promise of it in the future...

That's what credit is... a bet against a promise.

Which means all of nothing,
since it hasn't happened yet,
all credit is risk of one degree or another,
...based on tolerance or gumption.
If all people are, "risky,"
then all credit is risk,
none can be more credit-worthy;
less risky...

So why not turn future liabilities into income,
instead of future income into a liability?



Yeah, ...since anything that gives ordinary people power must be impossible. Jesus must not believe in individual power. The Founding Fathers must not have believed in individualism. No, ...only the state backed by a selected wealthy few should determine everyone's fate by economy.

Only a few should have it all.... opportunity for anyone else; the weak, poor, untalented, ugly, simple, ordinary, dumb, handicapped; those ones don't matter.

Just NFL players count.

Only singers and actors count.

Only bankers and doctors matter.

Jesus would agree.

Makes so much sense?
Issue tax credits against charitable work performed for charities. Issue a tradeable security valued at 50% of the hourly median wage for the hours worked so that any amount could be cashed-in at one half to market rate as a commodity. Eliminate all future income taxes by performing charitable work whilst unemployed. Reduce the costs of all service or labor by creating an alternative market for such through charities. Help the individual for a change.

— The End —