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pandya dhwani s Nov 2019
I dived deep in their oceans,
In search of peace;
In search of love;
The more I dived deep down
The more I got drained!
I gave up,
I Took time,
And dived again,
But This time
I dived deeper;
I dived deeper in MY Own Ocean;
And I found more than I asked for!
Pyrrha Jul 2018
A poets heart is like a riddle
The answers are clear but hidden
Pellucid until they are ready to be seen

When a poet falls for you
They fall for all of you
Your insecurities become their favorite parts

Beware of a poets heart
Full of emotion to drown you in their words
They pull you in and refuse to let you go

Be careful with a poets heart
They are easy to capture, hard to contain
Even easier to break and harder to replace

Don't underestimate a poet
We are the masters of charisma
Words are our vice

Never forget to treasure a poets love
Theres nothing else like it in the world
No amount of searching will give you the feeling of a poets heartfelt
"I love you"
Srishty Mittal Apr 2015
He gave you his heart.

You broke it,

and gave him a poem.

Bless You for your treachery.
A poet is ever grateful- for love and heartbreak, both give poetry.

— The End —