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Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
I usually don't know if
I'm coming
or going

(but I still can't
make this
Surya Kurniawan Nov 2017

"Su, position sum in Animus!"  
"No, it is opus"

"A morning, is a sign in Roma

put in way I am in Anima,"
I yawn it up

"Saw title bar off, or a belt it was?"

"I did wonder evolved demand
Or a rod named Dev?"
"Love red now, did I?"

"Evil stab, as a bats live"
It's a sad attempt to palindrome.
Astrid Andersen May 2015
regninger er så smukt symetrisk et ord, med så nedern en betydning at det burde laves om.
AD Mullin Sep 2014
Dogma U

Up the slide
Let's go for a ride
Start at the middle
Slip and slide
Down into Hades ...

U amGod
Written this morning before I put my work boots on ...

— The End —