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thara Jun 12
Broken glasses everywhere
I am drowning in shallow waters
Lost eyes,scared of the dark
To become whole again

All I need is some music,
And pages and pages of
Different Colors and books
A little lighting and thunder
And you

That's all it takes
Fir these little pieces
of my heart to join
All it takes is you
All I need is you

Hold on
Don't ever let go
Isn't love endless?
With you I feel limitless

If you ever need me
You'll find me
Meet me at the rooftop
I'll be talking to the stars

I am not afraid anymore
My fire is brighter than ever
Flawed and fearless
Stronger with you
A really old poem I wrote for a very dear friend of mine.actually a song(if you can imagine my screechy cat voice singing it way off tune
Amé G Dec 2015
There was girl in she mirror,
Who looked just like me.
Yet somehow seemed wilder,
Her long locks free.

We'd talk for hours,
About my enigma of a world.
I'd tell her my stories,
My fears, my dreams.
She'd listen.
Never sharing her own experiences,

Now I question whether she ever had any.

I met her again yesterday,
The girl in the mirror.
Told her I wanted to
Not just anyone,
Rid of my responsibilities,
And in possession of hers:

The next bit seemed only logical.
In I stepped;
and out she went.
Her smile feral, cunning.
Told me to keep her space,
So I did.
For her heart did not beat,
Not like mine
And her skin was like cool glass —
No red tears pumping through her veins.
Not like mine.

A corpse, if I didn't know better.

So now,
From the mirror I watch
Her laughing, smiling
— pretending not to be an imposter,
While I stand in her small spot,
A caged bird.

So now,
Melancholy is my every breath,
Because somehow nobody acknowledges my absence,
Or the foreign presence amongst them.
No one notices.
Because no one cares.

— The End —