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Crysta Gingras Apr 2016
“Begin each day as if it were on purpose.”
When I first said hello
It was seriously nervous
I didn’t know what to do
No idea what to say
I pressed the button on my phone
And set up my hands to pray
I text you every morning
What could possibly go wrong?
Even with your written word
You make my heart sing a song
I begin each day with you
And I no longer feel worthless
You make everything bright and new
With your words you caress
I feel that you care
And I wish I was there
The distance doesn’t care
That we’d make the perfect pair
So we’ll just have to push through
Keep going against the grain
People might think it taboo
But without you there’s only pain
I’ll see you someday
I’ll reach out and touch you
We’ll tell stories of this stray
And the two who liked blue
Calling my angel for the first time <3

— The End —