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Harley Hucof Apr 2018
i write to enlight
myself to survive
the path i chose
to have in life
so i scream
who could hear?
or see?
or relate
to the kid who
hides alone
at the break
high on
the steps
that are made
from within
his soul and craved
in an art form
so he could have a home
to bear the storm
coming to reform
the norms
of his instincts
so he keeps distant
trying to keep a link with the
and it works
since it's
from within  
the layers of the skin
that makes my head spin
every time i remember where i have been.

Words Of Harfouchism
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Alyssa Hatch Nov 2015
Falling deeper into these dark feelings
I don't think I've ever been this low
Living day by day on the verge of tears
is not a healthy lifestyle
but no one will ******* help me

My feelings are black
present but not all at once
There are times when I feel like I'm lucky to be alive
but others when I think I'd be lucky not to be

I don't understand why everyone else seems so happy
when I can't even remember the last time I laughed until my insides hurt
why won't anyone believe me
why won't anyone help me
I guess I'll just leave it alone

— The End —