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Alyssa Hatch Dec 2015
We can not live on
without both man and woman.
Collectively one,
we're meant to work together
as equals in love and trust.
Alyssa Hatch Dec 2015
Do not be afraid
to express what's inside you.
Every day you'll find
that through the eyes of strangers
you're no more than just a face.
Alyssa Hatch Dec 2015
She will shut me out
before I can even speak.
If she'd just listen
she'd know this house is not home,
and home is all that I want.
Alyssa Hatch Dec 2015
There is a young boy
who prefers to be alone.
Little does he know,
his life matters so much more
than what he truly believes.
Alyssa Hatch Dec 2015
I wish that the world was a perfect place
where we could all live without being harmed
Realistically this world is a disgrace
our solace coming in the form of arms

I wish that the world was not such a mess
Terrorists and guns, I can't find the love
There's blood on his hair, there's blood on her dress
will we ever find strength to rise above?

I wish that we could be beautiful once more
Too many are lost, too many are gone
No more soldiers to ever hit the floor
of this **** place that we dare call home

If ever are we to share a kind heart
we must first decide to give love a start
Alyssa Hatch Nov 2015
Falling deeper into these dark feelings
I don't think I've ever been this low
Living day by day on the verge of tears
is not a healthy lifestyle
but no one will ******* help me

My feelings are black
present but not all at once
There are times when I feel like I'm lucky to be alive
but others when I think I'd be lucky not to be

I don't understand why everyone else seems so happy
when I can't even remember the last time I laughed until my insides hurt
why won't anyone believe me
why won't anyone help me
I guess I'll just leave it alone
Alyssa Hatch Nov 2015
I'm cracking under pressure,
Everyone barking demands as if
I don't already have enough on my plate.
"Get a job" "Get your license",
as if I'm not ******* trying hard enough already.
There is nothing more annoying than being rushed into a lifestyle you don't even want.
I don't know why the **** everyone is in such a ******* rush
for me to grow up.
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