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Aayasha khan Mar 2020
Tell him he will be loved O elements of life..
O fire tell him he burns in my heart like the eternal light.
O air tell him i will feel his presence even when my eyes don’t se him.
O water tell him that you will never be able to quinch the thirst of his love.
O earth tell him i will come to him one day  mixed with your bits.
O space tell him i will always hold him in your intangible embrace.
O dear elements of life show my beloved my love, for he deserves to know.
smile for the beloved gets hurt to see u cry.
Jie Ann Apr 2017
I always yearn for that conversation to come.
The kind of conversation where you can talk about the shallows and the deepest part of life.
The kind of conversation where no one is being judged.
The conversations with the right people.
I'm longing for that conversation with you.
But until then, let's be just like this.
It may not be yet but something's making me feel that it's going to be the best.

— The End —