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Jie Ann Apr 2017
I always yearn for that conversation to come.
The kind of conversation where you can talk about the shallows and the deepest part of life.
The kind of conversation where no one is being judged.
The conversations with the right people.
I'm longing for that conversation with you.
But until then, let's be just like this.
It may not be yet but something's making me feel that it's going to be the best.
Jie Ann Apr 2017
What do you do with such a fragile heart?
When all you can do is cry throughout the day.
When you stare at a seven-year old picture of yourself,
Big smiles, bright eyes, nothing but innocence.
And you gotta ask yourself,
'Can I be her again even just for a moment?'
Oh, old self where are you now?
When will you comeback?
Oh, dark days when will you end?
And just let bright days get through in,
Cause I miss everything about it.
Cause now, everything hurts.
Jie Ann Apr 2017
those looks
that you gave me,
were those
really for me?

if so,
may i know
what you're

blank stares,
what do they mean?
cause you got me
thinking about you

i know,
never to hope
cause it's too good
to be true

i need to stop
about you

it could lead
to something
that'll break me.
Jie Ann Apr 2017
Like the love we keep fighting for
Life sometimes we don't know the core,
Questions the things we can't fathom
Why do we keep on holding on?

Things happen, fast-paced
Like one minute temporary bliss,
Things happen, creeping all over the place
Like the seemed-endless sadness

Temporariness in everything
Moments, people, feelings,
Like making friends out of strangers
Making strangers out of friends

Is it because things happen for a reason
Or they happen because of a reason,
When things get out of control
And choice, the only thing left not to fall

And when to choose it not the best choice
For in this world, nothing's so sure,
When even our inner voices
Couldn't help things be endured

Terrified, that's how we become
The way the universe put things on our palm,
To feel that, we need to feel this
To have that, we need to get through this

But sometimes, we tend to lose the reason
And it keeps us from going on,
And cause it's hard, it's now easy
To fall out of love with this life of weary

But hey! Life it is
Spontaneity is its thing,
Isn't it makes life more exciting
Serendipity, wondrous as it could be

The highs, extraordinary
The lows, we wish to bury
And the mundane things in between
They were all supposed to happen

Twas never really about the choices
Twas about feeling everything- the bliss, the sadness
And that's what keeping us on falling in love
With this life we will ever have.

— The End —