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Mark Toney Oct 25
Noble heritage they cannot erase
Ancestor’s plight laid bare for all to see
Tribal identity etched in each face
Invincible spirit their pedigree
Various attempts meant to “civilize”
Expanding demands for more and more land

Pogroms by forced removal terrorized
Extreme suffering they had to withstand.
Their unshakable resolve saw them through
Providing strength to mitigate their fears
Lives lost, yes, their memory they’ll renew
Endless remembrance of the Trail of Tears.
12/20/2018 - Poetry form: Acrostic (the first letter of each line spells out the poem's title) - This is my first acrostic poem. I'm also reading an Amazon Best Book of June 2018, Tommy Orange's debut novel entitled "There There," which explores the lives of native people living in cities, not reservations.  Thus, my inspiration to write this poem. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Jesse stillwater May 2018
An earth sized boulder
dislodged with the thunder
Unleashing catacombs  
of terrestrial darkness
lay compressed beneath it
for a thousand years

The hidden ancients
heard its soul hold forth;  
their rumbling silence
    ―  laid bare ―
They heard its voice
rises up with the ears
of a new-born fawn

Beguiling roots,
solid as a rock,
hold together
like dark matter
A soul weight
beyond measure
shouldering the torn
of a divided heart

Heaviness ...
O' the heaviness ―
just a platitude for
what you feel
when it all comes
tumbling down
to the ground

times immemorial:
an urging silence
pushing down
to the grave,
trying to unlearn
the things
never known
about the hearts
we leave behind

Jesse Stillwater
01  May  2018

Out of the silence of earthen soul, musing much more than gravity

— The End —